Cars and door dings....

Well, I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. I had hoped later. I have had my new car, my first brand new car, for about a month and a half now. The other day while I was out running errands, I acquired a door ding on the passenger side. ::sigh:: :frowning:

While I am not terribly upset about a door ding it just makes me a little irritated that some people can be so careless around others things.

As a side note, I usually park way far out in the parking lot so others are not parking right next to my car as well as the fact that I actually don’t mind walking the distance. But every now and then, someone feels that that have to park right next to me whene there are 30+ spaces to choose from that are not right next to me :mad: .

I didn’t feel this was angry enough to be in the pit, so I put it here :slight_smile:

Oh! I know exactly how you feel.

My husband always tries to park my car in the closest possible spot in any parking lot. I, on the other hand, park out in middle of nowhere. I’ve explained it til I’m blue in the face and he just doesn’t get the “door-ding” factor.

I was amused to see this post ( not that your car was ding’d) but that someone else does the same thing to preserved their car’s paint.

I received a humdinger of a ding last Saturday at my apartment. Trouble is, there’s no such thing as an “out of the way” spot. The thing that makes it hurt is that the spaces are fairly wide (can get 2+ feet on both sides if you park conscientiously), and I was in the dead middle of my spot. Like yours, no note or anything. Not a new car, but it’s been in my family for the past two years, I recently took over ownership (so it’s new to me), it was still undinged, and I wanted to enjoy it for a little while.

The positive side is that now you can relax! Your car has a slight blemish and you no longer have the “ding disorder” that affects all new car owners. It’s been properly broken in :cool:

Just wait - soon you’ll have to slam on your brakes and your soft drink/coffee will go flying, getting all over your beautimous new dashboard and speckling the headliner :cool:

ask me how I know

Wow, there’s people there so bad at parking that you worry about whether there’ll be anyone next to you? Damn, I’d be scared for my safety, not my paintwork…

Someone backed into the rear bumper of my 2 day old Toyota pickup. No note and no witnesses. I was cussing up a storm and some guy walked by and told me that it is just a truck, nothing to get excited about. That is about the closest I have ever come to punching someone out, my wife had to restrain me.

True, the car is now officially broken in as far as door dings go. Adoptamom_II, Please don’t mention The Evil Spilled Drink. The car has tan interior (Im not sure what i was thinking there)

As far as my safety and people parking next to me…it is usually because people are rude (ha ha ha :smiley: ). If it is dark out and the car is parked on either side of my car, I am cautious to make sure that there is no one lurking to “get me” in the offending car. If I am weirded out by the situation (has only happened once) I would go back in the store and wait a while, maybe chit chat with the security personnel about it if I felt it were warrented.

I’m sorry to hear about the ding, really ding just doesn’t sound sufficient does it?
It’s MORE than a ding! you have to look at it,you know it’s there,somehow the innocence has been lost. I sound anal I know but so far (knock on simulated wood dash) I have yet to lose my fight against those who, for whatever reason will fling their door open and nail my car. I know it’s just a matter of time and I thank you for bringing up the subject It must be told!

All the more reason to keep my current car (it’s about 11 years old and has its fair share of dings).

And amen to the rude people remark. There’s just too many of them out there.

I’ve been pretty lucky (knock on wood) my “new car” is 2 years and 3 weeks old with no dings.

I did get my parking neighbour to pay for a new front bumber (plus a new windshield bottle and pump) after he crashed into me while I was parked (his insurance kicked in after I reported the “hit and run” to the police.

If you really want to, you can put on an “invisible bra” sheeting on your car (getting mine in 2 weeks) that protects your paint from chips (maybe not full dings, but those can be pulled out). I’m getting it installed with my friend who got a brand new car.

::waltzes in to brag:: I have a '91 Toyota (which still looks pretty good), with no door dings. I don’t park out in the hinterland or anything :cool:

Oh, I hate this. I go to university where parking lots are tight (and sometimes unlined depending on which you use), and people around here are stupid, so I’ve got at least 5 door dings on my car. :\

Seriously, folks, how hard is it to get out of a car without hitting the car next to you? I open the door and hook my foot around the bottom to prevent the door from flying into the car next to me. Not that tricky.

Semi-related, on the topic of bad parkers… once a person parked so close to my car that if I had backed up straight, my driver’s side mirror would have taken out their passenger’s side mirror. My mirror was also bent, though I could see no evidence of it having been hit, so I think the person got out of the car and bent it so they could park there. I couldn’t drive straight out of the spot, there was a hill in front of me. All I could do was back up. I couldn’t hang around and wait, I was late for work. I had to veeeery carefully maneuver as I backed up to get my mirror to go around theirs. Good thing I know how to drive. I still wish I could meet that person!

My best friend from college got a new car, paid with her own money, picked out and delivered especially for her, etc.

The first night, while parked outside her house (her dad wouldn’t let her park it in the driveway, Og knows why) she was hit, smashing up the back driver’s door and rear quarter panel.


No note, nothing. A few weeks later a neighbor came up and asked if they had pressed charges or gotten their money from so and so who’d hit their car. He had assumed they knew who did it and didn’t tell them.

I feel your pain. I remember my first door ding on my mazda rx-8. And to make matters worse, the damn dealership put the ding there! This happened one month into ownership. But, not to fear, there is such a thing called paintless dent removal (PDR). It’s discussed in great detail among many automobile forums. You should check into it if the ding is bothering you too much.

My condolences to you about it. I had driven the world’s most worn-out Tempo for a number of years and dreaded the expense of payments, knowing that I’d have to break down and replace it before too long. A friend inherited a nice, newish Miata with less than 20k miles on it and a lovely, shiny green finish; since he and his wife are boatbuilders who need trucks, not sportscars, they offered it to me. Not a car I’d have chosen in a million years, but it kind of chose me.

I’d never had a second thought about the appearance of the Tempo – I only ever used to wash it once a year, even. But the Miata…well, now.

It took less than a week for it to start to get dinged (small dings), and I took to parking it in spots where it was less likely to get parked next to. But yeah, sure enough, as somebody noted above, for some reason it tended to attract neighbors anyway. Usually big honkin Explorers and the like, often inhabited by the kind of people who can’t be bothered keeping their doors off my tiny car as they get out. So anyway, a year later, I’ve got a lot of little dings, and a lot of them are near the roof rather than low on the side.

Drivers in this town are celebrated for their lack of courtesy toward other drivers though, anyway. Never use turn signals. Occupy the left lane, especially on corners, as if unable to grasp the concept that unoccupied space will not necessarily remain so perpetually. Or put five feet between themselves and parked cars on their side, while leaving mere inches between them and oncoming traffic. Every third car has a major dent. But I’m drifing off topic…

I really feel you about that first ding.

The first damage done to my car occured when my dog decided to jump through the window into my lap (he’s about the size of a Springer Spaniel.

How could I get mad?

Now, I don’t even mind the claw marks the cat on the door panels.

Oh, and I forgot to mention my mother’s experience with a brand new PT Cruiser (livejournal post). And pictures from another post. No dings, just vandalism.