cars for short big people

Neighbor announced she is sick of her current 1990’s vintage Dodge Caravan and is looking to get a new car. Said neighbor is barely over five feet tall and has what might best be described as a ‘round’ figure (as in she really doesn’t have much of a lap when she’s sitting down).

I’m curious, are there particular models of cars that are better designed to accommodate women with big upper bodies and short legs?

Daniel Pinkwater claims that the New Beetle fit his body type well.
Click and Clack claimed he was taller sitting down than standing up…

Short big people? I am having difficulty parsing that.

Check out the photographic height/weight chart. Plenty of short big people there (you need to scroll down, since the tall people are naturally at the top).

For the OP, here’s an article about the best cars for obese drivers. It doesn’t specifically mention being short, but your neighbor could at least check out the options.

I have a friend with the same body type, and she bought a used, low-mileage Lexus. She loves it.

Any modern car with a wide front seat will do as most mid and upper tier vehicles can be adjusted for arm and leg length and some for seat height. Sports cars or sportier cars with aggressive bucket seats will probably be more difficult to fit. SUVs of all stripes will probably be easier.

Top 10 Vehicles for Obese Drivers for 2013

I short and fat lol and my last two cars have been PT Cruisers and I’ve fit into them quite nicely. Always have to get a seat belt extender but outside of that I don’t feel squashed inside.

AMC Pacemaker.