Cars: What does MG stand for?

I was wondering what MG stands for, and isn’t it actually MGB?

  • Jinx

“Morris Garages”

I swear on the hood, doesn’t it say “MGB”?

it varies, MG, MGB and MGTD. The last is a ‘shooting brake’ or station wagonlette

The ‘B’ in MGB is the model. Here is a page with info on MG history.

Wasn’t there a British car called a Midget? If so, was this a model of MG, also?

  • Jinx

Oops! It was (per history provided in previous reply!) Sorry! :o
Thanks, y’all!

  • Jinx

Yes. Here is a list of MG vehicles, with links to some information on each one.

The short version is that they just named their cars for letters of the alphabet, and when they got to the end they had to start over again.