Cartoon buffs needed...

Posting for a friend of mine. I started to correct the grammar and even considered putting in a full-stop or two but I stopped before my brain started to melt…

This is a old cartoon when i seen it it was on late at night.

It was about a girl and a big sad monster they always met under a tree or a bridge and the monster came from another world through the tree or a hole under the bridge i cant remember anyways it was fairly creepy cartoon their were little black and white monsters that lived in the other world they were basically heads with a mouth and 2 legs , ive tried askin all my friends some know what im talking about but none remember the name of the show i would SO appreciate any help anyone can give me im sorry i dont have more info but if you remember or know a site where i could find out what this cartoons name is i would be very thankful thanks for your time guys and gals have a good night ps im pretty sure it was on ytv(canadian cartoon network) around midnight 10-12 years ago thanks again

The Maxx.

Sorry that took so long, usually we get it in under 10 minutes.

Ohh, but can we use the rest of the thread to talk about how awesome the Maxx was? Cartoon and comic book, both rocked full out. I was a huge fan of Sam Kieth’s for a very long time. I was even part of an email fan group. Good stuff.

BTW I believe you can get The Maxx on DVD now. It was part of MTV’s oddities, and as I said, it ruled. Also check out “The Head” It didn’t rock as hard, but was still quite cool.

While you are at it look up Aeon Flux too.
MTV used to have some great cartoons. :sigh:

That’s what you get if you post when the west coast crowd is still asleep … .

I still can’t meet anyone named Julie without saying “Joolee … my jungle queen!” in the Maxx’s voice.

The Maxx was the only comic book I ever bought. For some reason, it spoke to me (er…not literally).

I refreshed 5 times in the first 20 minutes until I realised that you were mostly all asleep :slight_smile:

Man, if I had checked the boards before I went to work this morning I could have been the first to get it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of all the “MTV Oddities” cartoons, I like “The Head” the best.

Yet,2 of my questions have remained unanswered :frowning: .

What were your questions Mad?

I knew a girl who looked just like Julie Winters! Mmmm…I wanted to see her in the jungle queen outfit soooo bad!

It’s ok though. My current gf looks like a 5’3" Harley Quinzel! :smiley:

Please, please, please tell us where!

I’ve been on a decade long, on-and-off quest to track this series down. I did manage to find a used copy of the abridged VHS movie release and have seen various crappy digital captures posted on P2P networks but I would LOVE to get the entire mini-series on DVD. I’ve only ever found auctions for the DVD on ebay and I highly suspect that these are just pirate copies of existing captures.

HMM, I may be wrong about that then. I have a VHS dub of the PAL release (original music!) and so I haven’t bothered looking too hard at the DVD’s I have seen.

I am a bit out of the fandom at the moment, but I probably still know some people who know people. If I am right I should be able to track down a copy. If I am wrong, sorry for getting your hopes up.

ETA: the plan was, at one point, to release the series on DVD along with things like The Head and Aeon Flux. I lost touch with Sam and the other fans before any of that happened, but when I saw Aeon was out I figured the others probably were too.

New rule: Same rule about cat pix applies when one is speaking of a hot girlfriend.

Good rule! Seconded.

I’ve never seen it on DVD. I grabbed it on VHS at Best Buy when it was on the shelves for about a nanosecond ten years ago and I’ve never seen it or The Head again. Aeon Flux gets some DVD love because of the movie, but I think The Maxx and The Head are mostly forgotten.

Here’s a bit of personal Aeon Flux trivia. I managed to cast John Rafter Lee (the voice of Trevor Goodchild) as the big bad guy in a videogame I was working on a few years ago. I got to spend a couple of days directing him as he read dialog I wrote. Unfortunately the project fell through before it made it to market. Sigh. It was a great performance … .

We’ve talked about a Joker/Harley Quinn Halloween costume this year. I hope we can pull it off!

I loved this cartoon when it was on, but now all it does is clog up my vanity searches.

Sorry I missed this earlier…the questions I asked that havent been answered were about a band most likely from Austin Texas that i think was called They Eat Their Own, the video showed a bunch of clips of people commiting suicide,pro lifers getting ran over cus they were lying in the road in front of an abortion clinic and other gruesome stuff,it was a cool song but I can’t find it anywhere.Was wondering if anyone can help me on that one,probably early 90s group.

The other was what did Howard Cosell say on the air(in its entirety) when he announced John Lennons murder.

I know this is late,maybe I’ll start a thread about Mads unanswered questions.