Cartoon Characters you find attractive

Daria and Jane Lane:slight_smile:

I bray like The Wolf whenever I see the Red Ridng Hood Lounge Singer in Tex Avery’s “Rural Red Riding Hood.”

Thank God for KaZaA. I downloaded that cartoon to my hard drive last week!

The Baroness from the old G.I. Joe cartoon.

You know how kinky those Nazi leather chicks are in the sack . . .

Ummmm, anyone got a link to a picture of her mom? Purely for research purposes, of course.

Harley Quinn and Batgirl… Or for that matter any female character rendered in the Bruce Timm style. He is the man responsible for the style of BTAS*, Justice League, Superman Animated…etc *Batman the Animated Series

The Green Lantern - John Stewart from Justice League

Spike Spiegal

Vash the Stampede

Nicholas Wolfwood




Van Fanel

Ohh… bishonen…

Cover Girl from G.I. Joe.

Alexander the Great in Reign: the Conqueror

Princess Daphne, from the old Dragon’s Lair coin-op. I was a little kid when that came out, and I didn’t like to play it 'cause she made me feel “funny.”

Dmitri from Anastasia. Mmm.

…and Anastasia from Anastasia, for that matter.

A true Classic!

Yep, definitely good stuff. Have you seen No porn, but I don’t feel like making a link.

Poison Ivy’s my favorite. A pale redhead with green eyes? Holy shit!

God help me, but Abraham Lincoln from Clone High.

No, I can’t explain it, and even if I could I wouldn’t want to.

And I’m gay, but for the Baroness I’d change.

Well, she does fit into that whole over-the-top ultra-female vibe that seems to appeal to a lot of gay guys, in a totally non-sexually way of course. Sort of like Julie Newmar as Catwoman.

Raises hand timedly.
Betty Boop? May be an old-fashioned girl but I agree with Eddie Valentine’s assessment: “She’s still got it.”

Oh, and Jessica Rabbit could play patty-cake with me any time she wanted, too.


Even though I am a girl (apparently) I’d agree with Icerigger on Daria and Jane :smiley:

Uhh but back to the point why I am posting… a friend of mine thinks Lola Bunny is really hot… and now i rememeber why he’s strange…

Kim Possible.

Spike rocks!

My favorite bishonen is Hotohori. How can you not love the long luxurious hair?? Tamahome’s pretty cool too.

Erik from Little Mermaid