So, which cartoon characters do you want to boink?

For me it would have to be that hunky Mark Trail - grrrroowl

As a callow youth I was in love with Daisy Mae from Dogpatch.

Easy. The sorcerer from He-Man.
She’s got a rack on her… and those legs… WWrrrorr.

When Bugs Bunny is dressed up like a girl… homina homina homina!!!

HELLO… ever heard of Betty Rubble?

I think that Velma is a freak waiting to happen…

I’m also patiently waiting for Lisa Simpson to grow up… an intellectual, and if the dreams are a forecast, a cartoon babe… heheheh

Betty Rubble Smetty Schmubble. Peebles as a teen - that’s a real fox!

Practically all the females in the current Batman and Superman cartoons…arrgh, I hate this, there was one cartoon girl in particular that I really wanted to boink, it wasn’t an immediate obvious one so it would be a great answer to this - and I can’t remember who it was!!! Arrgh!

Actually, there IS an episode showing Lisa in her teens. Not so hot. Maggie was cuter.

Hmmm…I’d have to say Jupiter whatever from the Sailor Moon crew. I think she’s my age, even. Whoo hoo!

Lemme guess: Penelope Pitstop, from Wacky Races?

Minerva Mink from Animaniacs.

What? What?! So I’m a Furry Anthro fan. :slight_smile: big deal!

There’s a serious problem with fucking cartoon characters.

Paper cuts.

Cheetara from Thundercats

Help me out here! Sorry for the hijack but what was the name of the wolf in that episode? It has been driving me crazy for about a week!

Ok, more specifically, the episode where the nerdy, geeky wolf turns into a romance-novel-cover-type hero stud when the full moon comes out.

I forget his name, too. I didn’t even remember him before I posted–a pity…I’d probably yiff him over her. :smiley:

I’m looking the name up…

Ah! There we go! Wilford. :slight_smile:

Geeze…what a name. That’s almost as bad as ‘Mervin’. or maybe ‘Ashtar’.


Episode was “Moon over Minerva”, written by Nicholas Hollander.

I second Velma Dinkly. Not only she solved the cases, she can summon super-human strength and carry the rest of the gang when they get scared stiff, and run with them bunched in her arms. Take that Superman!!

Velma had a fling with Johnny Bravo. That ruined her for me forever.