Cartoon Animals You'd Most Like to Boink?

Inspired by porcupine’s post in a jarbabyj thread…So who is it? Not a cartoon human, but an animated animal that you’d most like to give a pearl flea collar to. No loophole humanoid characters, either. No Wonder Twins, no Flintstones, no Thundarr the Barbarian. His monkey-like sidekick is fair game, though.

For me, I guess I’d have to say Scooby-Dee. Something about that Southern Belle accent…

You seriously need professional help.

The Schmoo.

You scare me

You **do[/do] realize that it ain’t a porn theater if you’re the only one there over ten-years-old, don’t you?

Jessica Rabbit.

I don’t care that she’s human, I don’t care.

Jessica Rabbit, my forbidden love.

Why, oh WHY, can’t you all just accept that a man can love an animated HUMAN, just as well as an animated…ummm…animal?

One man’s desperate struggle to be accepted in a prejudiced world…and to drive up a pitiful post count.

He makes me laugh.

I thought I was your forbidden love! pout

well, back to the OP…



it’s too hard to choose just one! hows’ about we just have a “disney” orgy and leave it at that?

Sweet Polly Purebred

Minerva Mink. Yeeeeeeeeow.

I can’t remember her name, but the bunny-chick from Space Jam. I know that she was the one playing basketball, but when she was on screen I dribbled too … :wink:

Some of the centaurettes from Fantasia. Oh what a ride they’d be!

Minerva Mink is another very tasteful choice, though I’d prefer Jessica Rabbit – or Holly Wood. Damn shame the latter two are human and thus beyond the scope of this OP.

That would be Lola Bunny. My son had a crush on her.

Hell, yeah. Lola Bunny’s a fox! Well, OK, she’s a rabbit, but still…Yowza!

Alvin. What a sexy little chipmunk.

Girls always dig the lead singers. sigh

Oh, how could I forget to mention Cheetara from the Thundercats? Meow.

Ohhhh yes. Yes yes yes.

And while she ain’t an animal either, Bo from Toy Story can come over to play at my house any day of the week.