The sexiest cartoon characters

Okay, admit it. We’ve all at one time or another had a crush or not-so-innocent interest in a cartoon character.

Heck even the Barenaked Ladies sang about it (“getintotheSailorMooncosthecartoonistgottheboomanimethatmakesmethinkthewrongthing”).

So let’s answer the question: Who is the sexiest cartoon character? I always had a crush on Trixie (Speed Racer’s girlfriend) but I think the all-time heart-melter would have to be Ariel - the little Mermaid.

Your thoughts and suggestions?

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Hmmm…Let’s see…Daphne from Scooby Doo always looked great. I think Jessica Rabbit takes the cake,though.

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I used to have HeMan sheets that also had SheRa on it. They were the most washed sheets I’ve ever owned. But that was when I was 4 or 5 years old…

I would have to say that today my heart still belongs to Jean and Rouge of the X-Men. I love them individually or at the same time, it doesn’t matter to me.

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Oh puhleeze! Jessica Rabbit. Without question.

Jessica Rabbit is just too much. She has that look that says,“I’m a slut, use me!” That just doesn’t turn me on. I think the annimator just tried to hard.

Come on really, would any of you want a woman who does it with a rabbit?

Thats the truth and anyone who has heard otherwise has been missinformed.

I’m game! :smiley:

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Betty Boop. You could see her butt.

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DAY: in a heartbeat!
#200! yay!

Very well, I admire your honesty. If we ever meet, remind me not to shake your hand.

#29! yay! :smiley:

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I definitely think Magilla Gorilla has sex appeal. How many men do you know that are that flexible and will swing from a vine for you?

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Betty from Archie.
Josie (had to love those Pussycats outfits).
Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Ah cartoon sex, had lots of that at 17.
(No, I don’t know what that means.)

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Didn’t we just do this thread a couple of months ago?
Please, someone with more time than me, post a link.

Ahhh… How could I forget Betty? If ever there was a perfect girl for me she’s it.

Idealistic, virtuous and cute to boot.


I think women are under represented on this thread. That being said, I post my vote for Racer X–Speed Racer’s unknown (to him, at least) brother. Much sexier than Speed, more mature and mysterious–I’ve obviously spent waaay to much time thinking about this.

As for non-human cartoons–Bugs has it over Jessica big time, and not just because I’m heterosexual. Jessica is just a bad girl, but Bugs is bad and smart. Witty, irreverent, sly,cultured (all that opera), funny–why Bugs Bunny may be the sexist non-human of all time.

Hey, hands down Nova from Star Blazers had it goin’ on! She had the waif look down before Kate Moss was even born and she knew how to wear a skin tight yellow jumpsuit!

Here’s the link. I bumped the thread too, for those interested.

Cecil said it. I believe it. That settles it.

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ahhh I have to agree with dpr’s original assessment. Arial … Mmmmm … and that scene … where she just got legs and was in the water.


I said it the first time this question came up, and I’ll say it again: Jessica Rabbit - “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”

• Trent, from “Daria”
• Aladdin
• Foghorn Leghorn (I dunno, there’s just something about him . . .)

The Beast, after he turns back into a human. Mmmmmm.