Cartoon Me!

I’d like to have someone draw a cartoon of me… for use on my facebook and other pages/bbs’s. Any suggestions on how to get that done? I’m sure there are folks/companies out here on the interwebs… any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!


Let me google that for you.

If you want something a little more original, I’d check out the local college paper. They often have student-produced cartoons/funnies and a budding artist might be willing to draw something up for you for a small fee (or case of beer).

Or look at local Vocational/Technical Schools that have Graphic Art and Commercial Art programs. Often times the instructors of these programs are looking for projects for their students and you could get a cartoon or caricature of yourself done very cheaply or even for free.

That’s how I got a caricature of myself done.

I’ve had many digital paintings done by this artist. She specializes in the larger folks, but will paint anyone.