Cartoon that have been turned into live action films or TV

The Flintstones
Sailor Moon
Guyver (Yuck!)

Does Super Mario Brothers count?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Inspector Gadget.
Dennis the Menace.


Scooby Doo
Josie and the Pussycats

La Blue Girl.

Mr. Magoo
Masters of the Universe (He-Man)

The Tick

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Fat Albert.

You’re Under Arrest
Maison Ikkoku
Aim for the Ace!
Mobile Suit Gundam
George of the Jungle
Dudley Do-right

Rockey and Bullwinkle

I don’t think Sailor Moon counts. There was a Power Rangers style pilot that was produced that had the characters transforming but then going to the existing animation. There was also the stage show but that’s not live action films or TV. Since the “live action” (which was only half live action) pilot never aired and exists only in bootlegs to terrify anime fans I would say it doesn’t count.

But to stick to anime:

City Hunter

You’re way behind the times.

Shows how much I’ve payed attention to Sailor Moon over the past several years. I may have to dig up an episode or two just to see how it is…

I saw most of it during it’s original run. (My sister made me tape it for her…then lost interest before I could send the tapes back to the States. Meh.) It had its interesting moments…and its utter crap moments. Still, lots better than that promo that Saban made (and that was with new, “American-style” animation, too).

Tank Girl
Rocketeer (Do “graphic novels” count?)

Are you kidding? If you count comic strips/books (that were ioften does as cartoons as well), this goes way back. (And Dennis the Menace is definitely in this bunch)
There was an entire series of Blondie and Dagwood movies. There was later a TV show in the 1970s

There were two Li’l Abner movies, one a musical. Columbia (!) made a series of mostly-forgotten Li’L Abner cartoons in the 1940s
There was a Joe Palooka movie (with Jimmy Durante!)

There was a series of not-very-good Dick Tracy movies in the 1940s with Ralph Byrd. (I think the same description applies to the more recent Warren Beatty film)

Several Batman serials before the 1960s TV show and the 1989+ movies

Several Superman serials before the 1950s TV show and Broadway musical, movies, and two more TV shows. the early Superman was defined as much by the 1940s cartoons as by the comic books and strips.

Well, if you count comic strips, there were silent movies of The Kazenjammer Kids, Happy Hooligan, and The Yellow Kid – all 1900 and before. But the live action came before any animated version.

There was a live action Justice League series pilot from the late 1990’s. Horrible.

Lessee, Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic 4 (that was a cartoon at some point, right?)

Wing Commander was made into a cartoon, and later made into a movie, but since the movie was decended from the games and not the cartoon, that doesn’t quite count… (The cartoon rocked, BTW, had Mark Hamil, Malcolm McDowell, and Tom Wilson (Biff Tanner) playing their characters from the later games, all done in that early 90’s style of American animation that I fondly miss. Even a crossover plot with Savage Dragon and Mortal Kombat The Animated Series was rather well done.)

I want to say GTO (Japanese cartoon about a teacher/biker gang member) might have been made into a TV show, but it could have happened the other way around. Still need to watch that show.

I also seem to recall hearing of a Neon Genesis Evangelion movie being made.

More later when I can think of it.

Oh, and BTW: La Blue Girl? Live action? twitch