Cash Flow Notes (As Seen on TV)

I am referring to the recently aired infomericals about the cash flow notes system and how you can purchase this program for about $120 and you can make money by finding owners of cash notes willing to sell them at discounted rates to potential buyers/investors, you being the middle man would make a certain profit. For instance, a 100,000 note owner agrees to sell it at a value of .60 on the dollar (although he is losing a lot of money, he gets one large cash sum instead of waiting 30 years to collect monthly installments of the 100,000+interest) then find a buyer and say he agrees to buy the note for .65 on the dollar. You have made 5 cents per dollar, so that equals to a $5G commission. The deal sounds very enticing but these things always have tricks, I am reluctant to shell out $120 to buy this program (consists of books, tapes etc…) unless I get advice from fellow dopers who have experience in this matter. Please let me know if this is a worthy business venture to follow.