Cassava leaves, peanut butter soup, and conspiracy.

Are there any cooks from Sierra Leone, or Ghana in the straight dope world?

There is a spicy dish made with cassava leaf, pepper, and fish that I really like. I have asked the folks who make it at work, and I think I am being given the run around about it.

The stuff is green, a bit on the salty side, and very, very spicy. I have had it with fish, and without, and with oxtails, as well. I am fairly sure that it is often made with other things, too. I like the fish best. It is generally served over rice.

What the heck kind of fish is this? From the size of the vertebrae, I figure this for foot long or longer fish, smoked, or dried, and then cooked into the dish in some way. My sources seem unable (or perhaps unwilling) to name the damned thing. “Fish.” That’s all I get. I am not for a moment believing that this fish comes here all the way from Ghana!

Palm oil, I am told, is an essential element.

Anyone ever make something like it?

Don’t even get me started on the peanut butter soup. What is this, some kind of ancient African Illuminati secret? I cannot get a clear cut recipe from anyone, and I must know twenty Sierra Leoneians, and a dozen Ghanians as well. The Nigerians evidently don’t make it, or claim that they don’t, although they all seem to know about it.

Well, this isn’t the Pit, so I will calm down now.



Peanut butter soup.

Something involving cassava leaves, fish and pepper.

Hope this helps:)

So, it’s all stolen from the Congo! No wonder they are so secretive about it!

The penut butter soup looks a bit different than what I have had, but I think I can work with it.