Cast the SDMB movie

Okay, I guess I’ll cast myself. I could see Mike Myers playing the ever-lovin’ Superdude. And here are a few more:

Rachael Leigh Cook as BunnyGirl
Tara Reid as Medea’s Child
The Guy Who Played Stiffler as CrunchyFrog
I always pictured manhattan as a younger Dabney Coleman.

I’m terrible at remembering actors’ names, but I figure the perfect one to play me would be the one that starts out looking like a serious professional - maybe in a lab coat with a clip board… but when the lights go down, she’s a red-hot mama lookin’ for some lovin…

Or maybe Vivian Vance, if she was still alive…

Sorry, Wayne Knight is slated to play me in The Long, Long Story Thread- The Movie. If he busts his contract, Kevin Pollack is ready to step in at a moment’s notice. Thanks for the mention, by the way.

Just for the pure entertainment of it I’d like to see all the Moderators portrayed Muppets! :smiley:

Well, hell, now I’m curious.

Who’d play me?

Dude, I had to look her up - didn’t know who she was. Now that I have…

Flatterer! I wish I could look as good as she does here. I think I’ve got the “smoldering look” down, but the rest…eh, not so much! :smiley:

Thank you, we try :wink:

So when are we going to see your choices, O Mistress of Cinematic Lore ?

Some more

Mnementh - Arnold Schwarzenegger
CalMeacham - Pierce Brosnan
UncleBeer - John Goodman
hardygrrl - Geena Davis
ruadh - Nicole Kidman
Fenris - Tom Cruise

With Wayne Knight already playing Ruehe can’t play me, which is a bit of a relief.

Okay, I’m totally unoriginal AND self-centered–who should play me?

Ooh, I’m Vince Vaughn!
[Swingers]Then where are all my beautiful babies?[/Swingers]
katie, I think you’re gonna be sorely disappointed when you meet me in person.

I agree. She’s also smarter and has a better personality. But julia Roberts is the darling of Hollywood. Just like Shayna’ the darling of the boards.

Jack Batty, you’re dead on with the Snooooopy/PSH casting.

Oh, and I pictured Coldfire as being portrayed by Rupert Everett (I think that’s his name). Also, John Turturro as Mercutio.

Okay the link is being stoooo-pid.

Try this instead. Middle picture, top row.

FairyChatMom–Elizabeth Shue (cute, sweet, and smart)
Eve–Dame Judith Anderson, only young (but still with the full weight of dignity and charm)
Coldfire–John Glover (played the Devil in the lamentably short-lived “Brimstone”)
Scylla–has been Rutger Hauer ever since the Nazi groundhog days…that icy stare down a scope at a varmint; besides, Hauer deserves a little shot at some comedy

I’ll think of more later. Casting is hard work.

For Eve, I’d cast a young Bette Davis. Or Annette Bening.

wring - Susan Sarandon
Hamadryad - Gina Gershon
CrankyAsAnOldMan - Renee Zellwegger
MikeG - Liam Neeson
Nymysys - Jennifer Connelly (just kidding, don’t kill me!)

Andros - Gabriel Byrne
Biggirl - Angela Bassett
Vix - Jennifer Beals
Boli - Kate Winslet
Omniscient - Ben Affleck

dropzone - Alan Alda
MandaJo - Mary McDonnel
**ValerieBlaise - Angelina Jolie
Alphagene - John Turturro
manhattan - Robert Duvall

andygirl - Eliza Dushku
Anthracite - Sela Ward
chique - Claire Danes
Fenris - Cary Elwes
Scylla - Christopher Guest

SuaSponte - Gregory Peck
Freedom2 - Charlton Heston
thinksnow - Harrison Ford
Lynn Bodoni - Sigourney Weaver
Globetrotter - Joan Cusack

Enderw24 - Mike Myers
woodstockbirdybird - John Lithgow
tatertot - Selma Hayek
TwistOfFate - Casey Affleck
ColdFire - Jude Law

**Qadgop the Mercotan - Goran Visnic
SPOOFE- John Leguizamo
TequilaMockingbird - Rosanna Arquette
Techchick - Melissa Gilbert
Smeghead - John Cusack

**#straightdope - Susan Lucci

After looking up Tara Reid, I’m very flattered. (Not a chance in a million years I’ll look like this.) But I’m considering swapping my People Pages photo

However, I know nothing of actors so I can’t help. I need to search all of the ones mentioned anyway…

Joshua Jackson is Jester. [sub](Ooooh, he’s so dreamy. I hear he has his own car.)[/sub]

Balance, have you ever seen Split Second? Funny stuff in there.

Two things. 1) I love this thread. 2) Magdalene? You’re a lunatic. But in a good way. :smiley:

I’m lamely struggling to come up with a few of these, but so far have only been able to cast:

Jack Palance (but younger) as Scylla
Jude Law as Iampunha

And a number of people have told me that I should be played by Ali MacGraw.

Geena Davis?

I wish I was that tall. :slight_smile:

Obnoxious but funny MASH* Alan Alda or so cloyingly cute you want to stuff his head through a wall Scientific American Frontiers Alan Alda?

[sub]Hey, drop, why don’t you quit thinking stuff through so much and assume she meant an Alan Alda that people LIKE, you paranoid freak![/sub]

magdalene, now I’m John Lithgow? How the hell did I go from being Vince Vaughn to Mr. 3rd Rock From The Sun? I’m only 31, not in my late hundreds. I thought we were cool with each other. Why must you hurt me? Please explain your odd choice.
Unless women find John Lithgow sexy, for some reason. Then I’m fine with it.
Oh, and for some reason I had Sandra Bullock in mind for tatertot.

How about Drew Bayymore[sub]drool[/sub] as Nymysys[sub]drool[/sub]?

woodstockbirdybird - Milton Berle