Cast the SDMB movie

DOne before? Possibly, couldn’t find it. Anyway, if they were to make a movie with the SDMB members as characters, who would you cast in the roles? You don’t have to choose based on physical features (if you know them IRL) necessarily, but more by who you think would best portray them based on their personalities as conveyed through their posts. Feel free to disagree and come up with your own ideal actors for a poster even if they’ve already been cast by somebody else. Maybe there could even be a vote sometime, if I’m not too lazy to organize it (and I am). Sounds fun, right? I predict this thread will die swiftly.
Anyway, my choices:
pldennison - John Cusack
Manservant Hecubus - Jack Black
Shayna - Julia Roberts
Qadgop the Mercotan - John Mahoney
TVeblen - Meg Ryan
jarbabyj - Angelina Jolie
katiekilldare - Parker Posey

I swear I had a ton more in mind, but I guess the Nyquil’s kicking in. Anyone?

Personally, I’ve always thought I should be played by a young Peter Ustinov…but that’s just me…

matt_mcl - Rupert Everett
Coldfire - Rutger Hauer
Crunchy Frog - Jim Carrey
tomndeb - Dan Ackroyd
GingerOfTheNorth - Famke Janssen
Cecil Adams - James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman

Maybe more later

P.S. if we can choose dead actors too, then replace my choices for Cecil Adams by Alec Guiness

Just thought of another one, so obvious I should be kicking myself for not thinking about it previously :
Arden Ranger - Claudia Christian

Cartooniverse as Steve Martin
Hrdygrrl as Madeline Kahn
purplebear as princess Diana

Another fun one :slight_smile:

Tygr…Ben Affleck

Arden Ranger… Claudia Christian

robgruver… Rob Van Dam (I know he’ll get it.)

Manservant Hecubus…Dave Foley

AbbySthrnAccent…Ashley Judd

Coldfire…Kevin Smith

nicklz…Jason Lee

thinksnow…Rutger Hauer
That’s all I can think of right now…

I’ve just been informed that Madeline Kahn has died. (Dang, she was great! :frowning: ) So Hrdygrrlas Bonnie Bedelia instead.

AbbySthrnAccent-- Bonnie Bedelia
Geobabe-----------the female star of “Six Feet Under”
SuaSponte---------Richard Dreyfuss
Lux Fiat----------John Cusack
Vix---------------Drew Barrymore
Biggirl-----------Nell Carter
TubaDiva----------Yoda :smiley:
Cartooniverse-----Al Pacino
…gotta think of more, more Mooooooooore !

Philip Seymore Hoffman is Snooooopy!!

Eve - Sigourney Weaver
Manservant Hecubus - Gary Oldman
**Scylla ** - Ed Harris
Woodstockbirdybird - Vince Vaughn
Francesca - fabuolous actress who was “Scarlett” in Four Weddings and a Funeral
Joey Hemlock - Steve Zahn
Max Torque - Diedrich Bader

Snooooopy - Gary Burghoff
Monster104 - Matt Damon
SeaDiver - Jennifer Lopez (raarr)
Francesca - Winona Ryder
Doobieous - John Leguizamo :smiley:

I wanted Fenris to be played by Steve Martin. Um, is Chevy Chase available, maybe?
Or Harrison Ford?

I can imagine Scylla and Fenris face to face in a drainage pipe opening into thin air hundreds of feet up in a dam wall…

“Scylla, I didn’t send out that anonymous invitation to all Amish to come trespass on your land. Honest!”

“Fenris, I don’t care.”

I kinda figured Snooooopy would logically be played by Snoopy.
[sub]covers head with arms and flees from the room[/sub]

Rutger Hauer?? The horror!

I looked up Kevin Smith, but he doesn’t look anything like me. I take it he was casted because he is funny, sexy, and modest like myself. :wink:

Oh, and Shayna is MUCH prettier than Julia Roberts will ever be.

Shayna- a young, pretty Susan Sarandon.

London_Calling- Phil Daniels.

Coldy: a thin James Gandolfini (well, thinner;) )

Euty…Robert Duavll
Coldfire…Joe Piscapo
Mannhattan…Lewis Black
Scylla…Richard Belzer
Fenris…Tom Hanks
Diane…Tea Leoni
Techchick…Angie Harmon
Minty Green…Sam Waterston
Shayna…Jennifer Anniston

I watch too much TV…

Eve - Kim Basinger
Anthracite - Sigourney Weaver
Euty - Ben Stiller
John Corrado - Robert de Niro
Gauder - Janeane Garofalo
SPOOFE - William Shatner :smiley:

You and me both, Coldie, you and me both.

'Course, he was alright in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Hitcher, Blade Runner, Grijpstra en de Gier and Repelsteeltje. [sub]Okay, those last two I’m sort of winging it, but you get the idea.[/sub]

My contribution: Rue DeDay- Dave Barry.

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Angelina Jolie? I’ll take it. I’ve got pictures of her posted in my closet as an inspiration.

I’ve always cast Manhattan as Eric Bogosian. Just because I think he’s the ultimate “New York Guy”

Sigourney Weaver? Kim Basinger?

I LIKE this game!