SDMB: The Movie

Cecil Adams: Claude Raines (in “The Invisible Man”)
Qadgop The Mercotan: Robert Young or the creature from “Horror At Party Beach”
Eve: Theda Bara or Jean Harlow
furryman: Lassie

Who do you think would portray the characters from the SDMB in a movie?

Hugh Jass: Martin Freeman

That’s sweet, darling, but I’m thinking Eve Arden.

Uklelele Ike: Cliff Edwards.
Diogenes the Cynic: Monte Woolley
Weirddave and Ginger: Jimmy Cagney and Joan Blondell
CK Dexter Haven: Cary Grant, of course
Tubadiva: Marie Dressler (in attitude, not looks!)
eat_crayons: Now, she’s Jean Harlow.

wolf_meister Neville Brand

I could swear we’ve done a thread about this before.

Oh, and I call dibs on Hugh Jackman. I’ve always wanted to be portrayed with retractable adamantium claws.

kung fu lola : Jennifer Ehle

SPOOFE: Jack Black
Brutus: Jason Alexander
Bosda: Jim Carrey
hillbilly queen: Anna Paquin
Lynn Bodoni: Katherine Hepburn
Coldfire: Cary Grant
manhattan: John Wayne

If Sean Astin would pack on the weight again, dye his hair a blackish brown, and keep an unkempt not-quite-beard, he’d make a pretty good Aesiron.

I have no idea, and if any of you have saw my pic, I’m open to suggestions.

jayjay - Wayne Knight. Pity me.

Mike Myers. Only slightly less funny, and slightly more annoying.

At various times I’ve been told I look like Ed Helms from The Daily Show, the guy from They Might Be Giants with the glasses, and the guy who played Dante Hicks from Clerks. So they’d have to fight it out or something.

(I’ve also been told I look like Billy Joel and Michael Moore, from people who obviously never learned the “If you can’t say something nice…” rule).

Since I can never remember what I look like, I had to ask kittenlm. She say I would be played by Edward Norton. Huh…go figure.

It goes without saying that kittenlm would be played by Bridget Fonda. :slight_smile:

For no particular reason, I’d like Jeremy Piven to play the part of me.

I want the movie to have a scene where the movie version of Casey1505 makes out with the movie version of SolGrundy. And I want to play the movie version of SolGrundy.

I get to be John Cusak but Cusak of the past. Nothing after High Fidelity
Idenity was good but I think that came out after a bunch of crappy movies.

Hey, waitaminnit!

I am? I kinda thought I was Fozzie Bear.

Twenty years ago, I would have been played by Richard Dreyfus, a la Jaws .

Now, unfortunately, Wilford Brimley would be more like it.

“Eat your oatmeal so you can grow up and reproduce and evolve the species.”