Cast your Presidential vote here. (a weekly poll/thread)

Now that Kerry has chosen a running mate (Edwards) and we already know the other guys, let’s put our money where our mouths are.
Time to cast your vote for the Pres.
Five things you must do.

  1. State the name of the guy you will vote for in November. Ex., Bush, Kerry, or Nader/(Other).
  2. Rate the strength of your vote from 1-5. IOW, how strongly do you support this candidate. A (1) would mean that you barely support this person, (5) is the strongest.
  3. State who you think will win the real election in November.
  4. (Optional) - Comment. Statement. Observation.

I realise it`s a good 16 weeks away, but I would like to invite you to vote weekly in a similar thread which I intend to start every Monday afternoon. I’m looking for a way to track the strength of support (the 1-5 part) and the predictions.
I don’t expect many people to flip-flop on candidates but that may also happen.

Example post

  1. Bush
  2. 2
  3. Kerry
  4. I think Edwards makes Kerry a stronger candidate.

Thanks, and try to vote next week. I’ll put a link to next weeks thread at the end of this one.

  1. The secret ballot is a “good thing”.

Overheard in the public restroom: “That’ll leave a skidmark all the way to the treatment plant!”

1.) Kerry
2.) The candidate? 2. Voting for the candidate? 5.
3.) I have no idea. Too close to call at this point, and there are too many variables.
4.) Honestly, Kerry was my rock-bottom least favorite candidate out of all the Democrat candidates (except for Lieberman, who in my opinion is SO in the wrong party). I’m still voting for him despite the fact that I disagree with some of his opinions; I disagree less with him than I do with Bush. And, as much as some other third party candidate might better represent my political viewpoint, I’m willing to compromise to get rid of Bush.

  1. Abstain.
  2. No clue.
  3. I like string.
  1. Mickey Mouse
  2. 5
  3. Kerry or Bush
  4. I just burnt my lip on hot rice. Ouchies! :smack:
  1. Kerry
  2. 5
  3. Kerry
  4. Agree with what you say about Edwards. I think they’re a very good pair.
  1. Kerry
  2. 5
  3. Kerry
  4. Bush is sooo going down.

Hey Everyone!! I think we found the ONLY person on the boards who doesn`t have a political viewpoint.

Besides, isn’t almost everyone on these boards, like, anonymous?? Or Secret getopascado?

Vote for the hell of it, get on record now so you can’t say later “I told you Bush/Kerry would win.”

  1. Kerry
  2. 5
  3. Kerry
  4. I’d’ve voted for Sharpton, for God’s sake. This is how much I want Shrub gone.

Where’s my RoundUp?

  1. Kerry
  2. 5
  3. Kerry
  4. It’ll be a very near thing whether or not Kerry wins. And I expect chicanery on the same scale as the 2000 election. So even if Kerry wins in terms of votes cast in the public and in the electoral college, Bush may still become President as a lot of votes are likely to be miscounted. If the real vote is actually extremely close, Bush is a shoo-in on the strength of chicanery. Kerry’s going to have to win by a large margin to carry the election.
  1. Kerry
  2. 5 - Meaning that I am almost certainly not going to change my vote.
  3. Toss up
  4. I am disgusted with Bush and his cronies. He’s forcing me not to vote Libertarian this time.


  1. No One
  2. 4.99999… (new GQ thread: Does 4.999999… really equal 5?)
  3. Does it matter?
  4. I’m only voting to vote against Arlen Specter (R Sen from PA). That man makes me even more sick than Bush makes the average Doper. It won’t matter as the sheeple of this great Commonwealth will re-elect him anyway. I wish there was a decent choice for president; I really do. Oh, and Kerry’s statements on abortion will hurt him - just an opinion.
  1. Rufus T. Firefly
  2. 3
  3. Kerry
  4. Bush seems to be digging his own grave, but Firefly seems superior to both candidates at this point(and, yes, I realize he’s both fictional and dead).
  1. Kerry
  2. 5
  3. I don’t know.
  4. If we get four more years of Bush, I’ll … uh… be very unhappy and bitch a lot.
  1. Kerry
  2. 5
  3. Kerry by a good, safe margin.
  4. Edwards is awesome.
  1. Badnarik
  2. 5
  3. Bush
  4. Or Kerry. Same same.
  1. Kerry
  2. 99E99999999
  3. Kerry
  4. Anyone but Bush. And not Nader, please.

3a)Hi Opal (an oldie but a goodie!)


  1. Kerry
  2. 3 (not quite sold on him yet, but adding edwards helped a bit)
  3. Kerry
  4. I really like Edwards… He was the best choice in my mind.
  1. Kerry
  2. 5.5
  3. Kerry, uh, maybe
  4. At this point I’d vote for the proverbial ham sandwich over Bush and his merry crew.