Castro absent from his own birthday party

There was a big public celebration in Cuba of Castro’s 80th birthday, but Fidel failed to show. How much longer has he got, I wonder? And what then?

My hope is that when Fidel kicks the bucket, Cuba will (a) make a nonviolent transition to democracy, and (b) only gradually move away from a socialist system.

The former, because one thing Cuba does have going for it is 100% literacy, and that’s a healthy base for a fledgling democracy. And the latter, because Cuba’s economic system is hanging together with spit and baling wire, and a sudden transition to a much more laissez-faire system would almost surely leave a lot of Cubans in genuine poverty. Our current Administration would surely like to push them directly from socialism to social Darwinism, given the chance, but I hope and pray they don’t get the chance.

My WAG is that Fidel’s not likely to see another birthday, though.

When I was 7 or 8, I had a birthday party, and I ended up hiding in the bathroom. Maybe Castro did the same thing.

Well, Raul shouldn’t have hired that scary clown!

When I was 14 I ran away from home to join the Revolution.

Which reminds me, I wish people would keep me informed about Castro’s whereabouts. I don’t expect to have to get my news from an internet message board.

Well, i hope its finally cutains for the old bastard at last! I hopr there is a nice warm spot being reserved for him!

In other news, the U.S. has spurned Raul’s offer of talks.

:rolleyes: This guy is a diplomat?!

He’s the Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs.

If so, he can keep Jeane Kirkpatrick company.

Poor Fidel. I hope someone brought a slice up cake up to his room, at least.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! (UHH!) Happy Birthday! (UHH!)
Death and gloom and black despair
People dying everywhere
Happy Birthday! (UHH!) Happy Birthday! (UHH!)

Happy Birthday! (UHH!) Happy Birthday! (UHH!)
Now you are the age you are
Your demise cannot be far
Happy Birthday! (UHH!) Happy Birthday! (UHH!)