Cat breeding--Paternity question. With pictures of course.

I’m wondering what you usually get if you cross a Siamese or Siamese-like cat with a Ragdoll. By “siamese or siamese-like” I mean not necessarily a true representative of the breed, but any cat of a paler general body color with dark points on the face, ears, paws, and tail, and without any white flecks or other markings anywhere on its body. We have this one cat Shadow (in foreground whose mother was a siamese type cat by my definition above. The father we’re not sure of, although I think he’s sitting on my lap even as I type this. At any rate, he’s not talking. He’s a Ragdoll, and the rearmost cat of the picture above. Here’s another of Rocco, showing the dark paws with sharply defined white “gloves”.

The thing that I notice about Shadow is that, although his paws are dark as you would expect on a pointed cat, each of his forepaws has a tiny fleck of white visible on the surface. It seems to be wider under the top layer of fur. Could the white speck betray the white paws of a Ragdoll father, given what is typical for cat heredity?

He could have Ragdoll in his ancestry, or he could be a sport. Ragdolls are, IMO, Siamese types anyway. Ragdolls have something called the white spotting gene.

I offer this and this for your edification.

why thanks, Lynn, I’ll certainly check out those links. In the meantime I meant to add also that the suspected Ragdoll father was an alpha male in the neighborhood at the time, and I’d think he had his pick of mates, especially when it came to the other cats that lived with us.

Rocco appears to be a “mitted” Ragdoll. Both of my Raggies are mitted, one is a flame point, the other is blue mitted.

It’s a trait that some Ragdolls have. White mittens on all four feet, with a white splotch on the chin. It’s a variation on the points.