Cat + Dolphin (video)

Obvious BFFs? Perhaps not, but this is a pretty amazing video:

They probably bonded over their mutual fish breath.

That video is filled with awesome. For one thing, dolphins are my favoritest (shut up! It is so a word!) animals in the whole world! For another thing, the cat in the video looks just like my “junior cat”, Stryper. I know that the whole ‘nose/head bumping’ thing is kitty-speak for “I want to be your BFF”, and I think it’s great that the cat in the video was displaying that behavior with the dolphin!

I’m going to show this to mudgirl tomorrow, so she can get her daily dose of squee!

That was beautiful.

Was kinda hoping the cat was going to jump in too =(

It occurred to me that dolphins and cats can’t have met up very often throughout history.

I love that the dolphin knows what head bonks are.

I know! That was awesome, wasn’t it? I showed mudgirl the video this morning, and she was every bit as pleased with it as I thought she’d be! :slight_smile: