YouTube video of talking kittens! Must see!

My wife showed me this video that was originally of two kittens meowing at each other. Then somebody overdubbed voices on the video to match the mouth movements, and it’s really well-done. I thought you cat people might like to see it.

Most enjoyable. Thanks.

That was adorable. Good find! Thanks.

Saw that one last week. I love it! The dubbing was surprisingly good and matched pretty well. For some reason they reminded me of Two Lumps. I think it was the ending.

It’s funny because it’s true. :wink:

What do the cats say at the end? I couldn’t make it out.

“Did you get any treats yet? Did you get any treats?”
“No. Keep going.”

I came in to say…what **Mindfield ** said.

I love it when the cat on the left says, “Meow.”

I just had to pass that link on. :smiley:

That’s my favorite part. It reminds me of Gaspode in the Discworld Novels. Who ever heard of a dog that says “woof”?


Absolutely brilliant! Thank goodness there are plenty of people on the internet with too much spare time, because every now and then a gem like this appears! :slight_smile:

The one voice reminded me a little bit of Zach Braff from Scrubs.