Do you think this video is real (cat related)

I went with Cafe Society because it’s a current new media trend, but maybe IMHO is better. I’ll let the mods decide.

Anyways, in your opinion, is the following video real? I think I know the answer, but I want to see what everyone else thinks.

And have you ever heard of anything like this?

(Don’t read the following posts before voting.)

I tried responding in the other thread, but it got locked when I posted the reply.

Anyhow, yeah, I think it’s real. My neighbor’s outdoor cats make similar noises (although not necessarily for an extended period of time), and the “bark” doesn’t sound like a dog bark to me, but rather a cat sound. I see no reason to doubt its veracity. Also seems like an odd thing to think of faking like that.

Yeah. Sorry. After I posted, I realize a poll made more sense.

That’s the first thing that entered my mind. The second was whether Dopers would think it fake. On one hand, we have experience with cats. On the other, we are rather skeptical.

And it would be really easy to fake. In fact, I’m expecting someone to remake it with a deeper bark. I may even try if I can get this slow computer to do decent editing.

It’s real. It’s a distress sound made more by small kittens, but some cats take it into adulthood. It sounds different when the cat is bigger and vocal cords are mature, but it’s similar. Some cats that are raised around dogs will adopt the sound because it’s the closest they can make to a bark. Why this cat does it, who knows, but if you listen closely it really sounds nothing like a dog bark.

Yeah, but why would somebody fake that? It just seems like a really odd thing to fake. I mean, if you’ve really thought this out and wanted to make the most mundane video possible with the most cat-like sounding dog bark possible for verisimilitude, I suppose so, but I don’t see it. Youtube fakers just don’t have that kind of gentle touch.

But it’s not that point that sells it for me. It’s the fact that it sounds like a cat.

It’s real. I’ve heard cats make this exact sound before. Usually in the car or when there’s another non-resident cat on the other side of the screen door.

That video certainly got my cat’s attention - she was sleeping on my desk and instantly woke up and came to full attention on my computer screen until the video was over. She’s used to my playing vids and music and this is the first one I’ve ever seen her react to. Interesting.

It’s real. One of my cats was raised by a family with small children, and there are times when I swear I’m hearing a baby crying. And he even looks like the cat in the video.

This exact thing happened to my cat snoozing just above the computer, she is similarly used to me playing all kinds of sounds and sleeping through it. This sure did shock her to attention though. Funny stuff.

It’s real, but I knew which cat video you meant before I read the responses.

Cats often sit in windows, sometimes bark, often meow; the only strange thing about the video is the way the cat looks so embarrassed about being caught barking, but really that’s just a lucky shot.

My cat makes that noise when just about to vomit, or when choking on a furball.

My cat sounds like a techno song when she’s about to barf. Hoo-ka hoo-ka hoo-ka hoo-ka She then runs to the carpet to barf :mad:

Years ago I one of my neighbors kept a rooster in his garage (why, I don’t know), and that rooster would randomly “cock-a-doodle-do,” and sometimes when she heard it my dog would look at me funny and then bark out “cock-a-doodle-do” in an almost perfect imitation of how the rooster did it. So yeah–at first I thought the cat video was real, then I thought it must be fake, but after I remembered how my dog imitated that rooster I figured I wouldn’t underestimate an animal’s sound-imitation abilities.

When I was very young and living a Bronx tenement, there was a feral cat who lived in the back alley and every night he cried, “Help me. Help me. Help me.” He especially liked doing it in the middle of the night after I’d read The Amityville Horror. I hated and was terrified of that cat.

My Plunket doesn’t meow. It’s like he never learned how. He makes rusty sounds, like he’s trying to clear his throat to begin meowing.

I finally [after almost 10 years] managed to train my cat to get off the bed, and go out into the living room and barf on the wood floor. It is still in the pathway to the bathroom, so I may still end up squelching in hork, but at least it isn’t on the bed or carpet…

The meows he’s making in between the times he’s “barking” and when he resumes normal cat meows sound exactly like the sounds our middle cat, Crookshanks / Crookie, makes whenever he gets pissed that we won’t let him outside. As he gets more upset, his meows become more distressed and low-pitched. Eventually he walks up to us and starts meowing in a horrifying, scary manner that sounds like what Biggirl is describing, except our cat sounds like he’s saying “Hello.” Oh, and he also does it when there’s a strange cat on the other side of the windows out in our front yard. The first time I heard him do that, I was alone in the house and was sitting quietly in the other room at the computer when suddenly it sounded like a deep-voiced child who was currently being tortured with lemon juice and razor blades started screaming “HELLO! HELLO! HELLO!” in my daughters’ room, and I just about crapped my pants and almost fell over in my chair in my rush to grab a weapon of some kind and find out what was going on.

Sometimes Crookie worries me.

Well, I just wish one of my cats did this, back when we were going though our cat people phase. Other than the mewing of kittens, the only noise they made was hissing and purring. I’d have gladly replaced the former with a bark.

Personally, I think there’s a dog outside that the cat’s looking at. During the later barks, the cat’s mouth is not moving.

What? It looks to me like its mouth moves every time there’s a meow or bark, at least when its mouth is visible. What time in the video are you saying its mouth isn’t moving?

You should warn a person when your going to post things like this; I almost died laughing here!

I love video cat’s look of “Oh shit, now you know. It’s me the neighbors keep telling you about…I’m the one who barks all day.”

The first time my dogs heard the video, they started barking and ran around looking for the new animal. I had them listen a second time, and that resulting in head-cocking and then, when the meows started, mad tail-wagging. Third time…oh, that’s just Mom watching TV. :slight_smile: