Cat fur replacement rate

Back around last New Year’s Eve, we had to take our cat to the vet for some medical attention to an abcessed injury htat he obtained in a fight with another cat. Part of the treatment was to shave the portion of his hindquarters that surrounded the actual injury.

The wounds have healed, and the fur is growing back, but it’s still obvious that he was clipped back there. How long should it be before a casual observer will not have any reason to say “What happened to the kitty?”

He’s a garden-variety American short-hair, btw.

I’ve noticed it seems to vary quite a bit. I had one cat that took about 6 months to grow back her belly fur after being spayed, while other cats have re-grown fur within a few weeks.

my vet told me not to worry about it, there are no rules…
In our case, the small patch that was completely bald is still very noticable.But it’s finally starting to get a little fuzzy, after 5 months.( All my other cats recovered all their natural fur within a couple weeks. )

I got a guy who’s very reasonable and can quite you about a buck, buck and a quarter per square inch.

‘Course that’s just your standard black. Prices run a little higher for orange tabby, and if it’s calico you’ll be wantin’, well then I’m afraid he’s gonna need a sample of the existing fur so he can color and pattern match, and I don’t have to tell you that not gonna be cheap.

My cat had his fur shaved off in an area where it was matted. It fully grew back in 3 months.

It must be related to how fuzzy your cat is (in terms of shedding and loose fur, not how fuzzy they look). My cat (a shorthaired dilute calico) is the sheddiest cat alive - I can take a couple of huge wads of fur off her every day with light brushing. I’d say she’d re-grow hair in no time.