If I shaved off all of my pubic hair, how long would it take it to grow back?

Would I have to “trim” it first with a scissors, to be able to use a razor.

I have been toying with the idea of doing this for a while, but the time taken to grow it back has been holding me back.


A few weeks, maybe a month or so. It varies depending on your own body. There’s only one way to find out!

Yes, trim it first as close as you can with scissors.

Go for it!

don’t forget to post some pics if you’re a female.


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Why Why Why…dont do it!

Either use scissors or a beard trimmer/electric hair clipper thing, with no spacers on it.

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I doubt it would take a month or more than month.

Lather up REALLY well… and shave with the grain first. THen if you want a closer shave, go against the grain with a sharp new razor. Take your time to avoid ingrown hairs.

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Go to
This is an excellent site, dedicated simply to providing information, not selling anything. There is also a forum (which I still pop in on every now and then) that has excellent, helpful members.
Hopefully this will help a little :slight_smile:

I’ll bet that’s going to itch when it grows back.

You might also consider waxing instead of shaving, which will last longer and not create stubble as it grows back. I’ve heard of bikini waxing, I suppose you could find someone that would pull up the whole carpet.

“pulling the carpet” is a brazillian wax.

it will itch when you grow it back. the itching is part of the insentive to upkeep the shave.

I did it for the second time about 2 months ago.

Still has not fully grown back yet…

I’m sorry, but a thread posted about shaving the pubic region by someone who uses the name Nunzilla amuses me.
I’ve done it - it can itch a lot as it grows back in. My preference is the trim before shaving, because that just seems easier to me.

As far as how quickly it grows back? I think that varies from person to person, but mine was usually back within about six weeks.

If you have one or don’t mind buying one, an electric hair trimmer/beard trimmer is good to use first. Go once over at long setting, then again at the shortest setting. If you want go with your hair like very short for a while. When it comes to a total shave.
Bathe first ! this softens the skin and opens the pores. Shave with the very best quality razor you can get (tripple blade Gillette seem best to me), use an oil based shave lubricant (foam makes seeing what you are doing difficult). Now stretch the skin in the direction wou will shave and shave gently, after each swipe of the razor rinse the razors head clean of hair. Once shaved to your liking mosturize the shaved area.
The ammount of time you remain hairless depends on how quickly your hair grows, but expect maybe 1 week befor shaving may be worth doing again.
Shaving in the bath can be a good idea, but shower afterwords to clean the bath and yourself of cut hairs.
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I’ve done it, and yes, it will itch coming back in depending on how good a job you do. Just be careful…aside from the obvious risks of a sharp blade on your privates if you get too close you’ll get razor burn.

First, I think it would depend on your ‘normal’ hair length… I’m not excessively hairy and I would guess that my ‘normal’ pubic hair length would be 3/4 - 1 inch. Secondly, it would likely depend on how quickly you grow hair (which, as I understand it, varies from person to person). That said…

I had all of my pubic hair shaved while in hospital for surgery on December 31, 2002. Now, almost 2 months later, it’s at just over 1/4 inch. The nurse that shaved me used a ‘beard trimmer’ type electric razor and then a standard disposable razor.

In July of 1994, I had my entire body (except my head and arms) shaved prior to open heart surgery - if I recall correctly, it took about six months for my body hair to appear ‘normal’ again. On that occasion, the prep nurse just used about a dozen disposable razors - no ‘pre-trimming’.

So my estimate, based on my experience, would be at least 4-6 months.


I had a gf that had shaved prior to meeting me…the entire 6months we went out it still hadnt grown back much past stubble.

so you may want to experiment without shaving it all off if you are worried.

Trimming with scissors before shaving will make it easier, just be careful. Shave slowly, it’s not a race.

After shaving, if you decide you like it, decide straight away whether or not you’ll shave or wax. You don’t want to start waxing your pubic region after you’ve spent a year or so shaving it, if you can avoid it. The hairs get too thick and waxing hurts a lot more that way. I personally can’t stand the shave-itch and chose waxing (two years too late).

Or you could get a hold of that weird wipe off hair likes its makeup spray stuff. That stuff kinda scares, me, sure… And JESUS! Wouldn’t that itch like a c-razy train!?

dont shave it. sex is horrible with stubble itching the hell out of that area…stay natural and enjoy it. shaving is way overated…