Back hair removal

OK, here’s an embarassing question: I am entering my mid-twenties, and hair is starting to grow in places where i’d prefer it didn’t. Specifically, I’m starting to grow hair on my back, and now I’m getting too embarassed to go places like the beach. I can take care of the problem on the top part of my back by shaving what I can reach while in the shower. But what the hell do I do about the stuff I can’t reach? I don’t have a significant other I can ask to do the dirty work, and frankly, if I did, I wouldn’t want to. How do you other men out there deal with this crap? Does Nair do anything? Is there a back hair support group on the web somewhere where men discuss removal techniques? Do they make razors with two-foot long handles for people with this problem. And women out there, every time I have a female caller over, I get embarassed that she might feel the stubble on my back and shoulders. Are women used to this in the same way that guys are used to leg-stubble on women?

I see men on the beach all the time who lack back hair, but humans are mammals and body hair is a dominant gene, so at least somebody else must be suffering this cruel fate. I am only a month shy of 25, and I refuse to give up going to the beach forever at this early date, so I hope someone has some helpful advice.

Ya know, you could probably go to a spa or something where they can wax it for you. That would last longer than shaving, too. I feel pretty confident that they would do it for you, but it might cost a little bit.

Well, I made it to 38 before I got it in places I couldn’t reach. I feel for ya.

How bad is it? is it just a couple spots? Could you ask a roommate to shave them for you? There’s electrolysis, which is expensive & painful, but semi-permanent. There are all the salons that do nails & leg waxing. One of them might do your back every couple weeks.

Here’s a cautionary tale: a friend of mine was embarrassed about his hairy back and wanted to get rid of it before we went on holiday to Ibiza. So he got a female friend to wax it with her leg wax. Not only was he screaming with pain at the time, but the stripped follicles got infected and he ended up with a nasty case of back acne that looked ten times worse than the hair.

How we laughed :slight_smile:

However, if you go to a professional salon, I’m sure they’d do a better job.

I think the problem is: where do you draw the line? If you have a hairy back, you probably also have hairy arms, a hairy butt, and hairy legs. Are you going to have your entire body shaved?

Go see a professional. I go for legs, bikini etc (I am a female!) and the beauticians there tell me that more and more men go for waxing, specially the back.
If it really bothers you that much, you should give a pro. wax a shot.

I would suggest laser hair removal. I believe the pricing has come down in the past several years.

Two problems: One, I’m poor (I’m a grad student), so I don’t know if frequent expensive waxing appointments would be feasible. Two, I don’t have a roommate to con into helping me get those hard to reach places. Hmm…wonder if I could just tie my razor to a stick to increase my reach…

I wonder if you could apply a Nair-type cream to a back scrubber and apply it that way; let it sit, and wash off.

Nair type products work, but my wife takes care of me. It’ll last a few weeks.

Back hair is fairly common, as far as I can tell. Why the big deal?

As a Marine, I have to shave daily, which sucks. When I first enlisted I could go about a week without shaving (my face). after continually shaving, I now have to shave daily no matter what. I have a 5 o’ clock shadow by 12 (about 6 hours after shaving). So I would say NEVER shave your back. Nair stinks, and even after showering, the smell stays there (I shave my chest and have tried this).
The infections r_k mentioned are razor bumps (ingrown hairs) and they can come from waxing also. They come on different occasions (not being totally clean, going away from the hair which is necessary in waxing, and not letting breathing afterwards). No matter what you do, the best thing is to let your skin breath afterwards or else infection will come.
I would recommend waxing. Yes, you might not have money, but it could last for weeks, and after continuously doing it, will grow back slower and slower and slower…
Now, either way you are out of luck probably. If you pay for waxing, you can not afford to take a girl out. If you have a back like a cat’s scratch post, you are never going to get a girl to go out with you. Ever heard of dutch? Get a part time job stuffing envelopes and get a wax!