Body Hair

I’m a reasonably hairy guy, it’s summer here and I’d like to go to the beach without so much hair. Firstly, can anyone reccomend any hair removal products, preferably ones that don’t hurt?

Secondly, are there any styles of body hair? I will get rid of the hair on my back, but should I just leave all the hair on my front or should I just leave hair on my chest but not my stomach or take it all off? I’d probably prefer to leave some hair, but how much?

Thanks for any advice or opinions you care to offer.


Waxing doesn’t hurt that bad… I think that’s your best bet for getting rid of your back hair. First, trim with clippers and then have your best gal pal (I just can’t see your best guy friend helping you with this) wax your back. Better yet, have it done professionally. Make sure to wax a few days before you head to the beach. You may be a bit red and splotchy.

Note: I wouldn’t recommend shaving. Back stubble is pretty icky.
As for areas to keep: I’d keep the front hair. Hairy bellies aren’t really a turn-off IMHO. Or, ask the opinion of your professional waxer.

Dude, opinions on this point are so widely varied that you’re really best off doing what makes you feel best.

Some people like smooth men. Some people like hairy women. Some people like artfully carved patterns in body hair. Some people like hairy backs. Some people like full-body baldness. Some women shave their arms, some men shave their chests, some women on beaches in Brazil leave the “treasure trail” of hair on their bellies that grows from pubes to navel. Do whatever makes you feel good.

Note that most options will hurt, but the pain is over very quickly. (Depilatory creams don’t hurt, but they don’t work very well (for me anyway), and they’re messy and stinky and a pain in the ass. At least waxing is quick and easy.)

I don’t know if there is a way of “thinning” body hair, so it’s probably an all-or-nothing thing. If you’re really hairy, it might look weird to remove part of it and not another part (eg lose the belly hair but keep the chest), definitely get a pro to help you out on that one or you could make things much worse.

(An old boyfriend of mine once decided to shave his chest and changed his mind halfway through. Very, very bad. He looked ridiculous for months.)

Just don’t be one of those men who shaves his whole body.

:: shudder ::