woman shaving question.... may be TMI....

Ok, I tried sifting through the threads that came up last month on shaving, sugaring, waxing and little hair removal elves, and I came up blank on what I’ve been wondering.

My wife shaves the groinal region, but not regularly… usually when it gets long enough to be annoying during… uh… funtime.

The reason she’s told me that she doesn’t shave it regularly is shaving bumps. I’ve seen it myself, so I’m not all the surprised.

Is there a way to avoid this? Do any of the other products out there work for this particular area(ie:NADS, sugaring, etc.)?

She likes it smooth, and I LOVE it, but we’re looking for a better way to do it…

Advice? Suggestions? Jokes made at my expense?

A “friend” of mine once knew a stipper and asked her how she got so smooth… she said the trick was to use Desitin (the baby butt cream) and there was no irritation or bumps after. I am not sure if this was AFTER shaving or instead of shaving cream… but I am pretty sure it was AFTER shaving. Whatever… it worked! I’m told.

Witch Hazel. Make sure there’s no alchohol in it (owch!), and just apply it with a rag after shaving. Also, shave in the direction the hair is growing, NOT against. Not as close, but less painful. Works for me!

Also… there’s a product called “Magic” which is suposed to work wonders. Put it on, let it sit for a while, and you can shave with a butter knife. I’ve never tried it, because I can’t find it, but I heard it’s, well, magic!

DON’T get “Bikini Zone.” It doesn’t work (at least for me) and it smells nasty.


This might be some help.

Actually, as you may have seen, I did post to that one, and was soundly ignored… I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose, just seems to happen to me.

I’ll talk to her about the desitin thing… it sounds like it should work.

I never did get a response about the sugaring.

Basically, it’s a case of “If we can find a mostly painless way, we’ll do it more often than once a month”. So that’s my quest… to find a faster, easier pubic hair removal method.

Notice how the “suds” rinse off the blade so nicely with hot water? Well, lay effing off it!

Always rinse your blade with cold water! Period, that’s it, just cold water. Get a clue and you will enjoy everything so much more. Menfolk too, rinse with cold!

“Nuff said!”

(Imagine how your skin reacts to a hot, sharp blade…)

Dude, until you start talking about toothpaste lubricant, there’s no such thing as TMI.

Anyway, I shave (groinal region) just like I normally do, and I never have any problems with “shaving bumps”. Although I also shave in the shower. Maybe the constant flow of water has something to do with it?

Gap Dream Body Lotion does the trick for me.

I’ve found I don’t have a problem if you do it regularly. If you let it grow too long the area is more apt to get irritated. There is also a product called “Bikini Zone” that I’ve found works well after.

Desitin? Try getting it on your penis for a fun flaccid time.

SPOOFE, I thought that you stopped shaving your pubes because if, by chance, you ever got laid, she’d think you were a freak.

No, that was me! I only did it when I was younger. I just trim them now. If I shaved now, it’d be like, where should I stop? I’m a rather hairy guy. It’d be a bald triangle in a big hairy thatch.


If your wife has a strong compsiton, then by all means try NADS… the stuff works wonders… and the hair won’t grow back for a good long while.
NADS works the best in the sugaring, waxing fame I have found.
However, I would try it on your leg first. That’s right … your leg. So you can see how FUN it is to RIP that strip of fabirc off!
It hurs like hell on my legs, I don’t think I could venture it on my … ahem… groinal region.

Don’t use Nair or the like…that stuff is STRONG… and if you accidentally get some on…ahem… internal lips… your wife will be rewrded with a burning sensation akin to having that area being rubbed vigerously by a man with a cheese grater and then liberally dousing with grain alcohol.
Otherwise, just shave.

No, no, I’m the one that KEEPS shaving because if, by chance, I ever got laid, it be BECAUSE she thinks I’m a freak.

  1. ALWAYS use a fresh, brand new razor when shaving the nether regions (I keep a bag of disposals around for this purpose).

  2. As mentioned, shave in the direction of hair growth, not against.

  3. Go down to your local sex shop and see if they carry Coochy Cream. This stuff is a shaving lotion that will eliminate those nasty razor bumps. What you do is apply the cream, wait a few minutes (I use this time to wash my hair), then shave as normal. This is the only stuff that has Ever worked for me. My friend’s husband even uses the stuff on his face with excellent results.

Good Luck !

Don’t mind me. I’m just imagining how the friends of the aforementioned man react when they snoop through his medicine cabinet and find “Coochy Cream.”

He can blame it on the Wife, they share :slight_smile:

It really is the best stuff!