No more shaving!

So, this morning, I was shaving, and once again, managed to leave my legs looking like they had been through a battle with miniature soldiers. Yes, I use new blades, shaving lotion, shave carefully, etc. Still happens.

So, I decided that the time has come to stop shaving my legs. But, I don’t want to be L’sura, Queen of the Hair Legs, either. So…

What other products work as advertised? Do I want to go with waxing, Nair-type chemicals, the sugaring stuff Nads?

Ladies, have you used these, do they work, and more importantly, did they hurt? Any adverse reactions/advice? Which one offers me the greatest amount of time between uses?

I love my battery-operated wet/dry razor. You can use it in the tub/shower, and I’ve never nicked myself yet. And I used to regularly remove chunks (or strips – yikes!) of skin from my poor legs and ankles.

::runs to bathroom to check the model::

It’s a Norelco Silhouette.

I’ve heard that Nair leaves an odd smell. I’ve never had extensive problems with just a disposable and some facial shaving cream. Did I just say that?

::Runs to room, repeating “No, I haven’t shaved my legs before,” while curling up into a fetal position::

I have very little hair on my legs, and I never cut myself (my sister, who looks like she’s been through battle after a shave can’t believe that I never get cut), so I don’t use anything but razors on my legs. However, I do sugar my armpits every summer. Works really well, and I like it because if you miss a hair or two, you can just keep reapplying the sugaring stuff until it’s all gone (unlike wax, which shouldn’t be reapplied). I’ve got the Alexandria sugaring system, and the cloth strips (it comes with cloth) are much better the non-reusable strips that used to come with my waxing kits.

Didn’t like Nair, or Neet, or whatever it was. Smelled like perm solution, and it didn’t work well anyway.

Tried my sisters Epilady once, and it does hurt. I now know why everyone who owns one doesn’t use it.

Oops. Forgot to mention something. One sugaring leaves me most of the summer between applications. Also, if you keep doing it all the time (my sister does hers year round), the hairs become so fine and thin that you can literally pull them out with your fingers. That’s one more benefit of sugaring. The downside is that you have to let your hair grow long enough to sugar, but after it starts getting really fine, it’s not that much of a problem.

Ohh a hair removal thread. I was gonna make one myself…you ever consider waxing?

Cons…it does hurt like hell, first time around that is…
And you do have to wait for the hair to grow a certain length to do it again, that’s sort of annoying but not that bad.

Pros: It gets better…sort of.
You don’t have to do it very often. (Once every few weeks.)
It leaves you totally smooth.
You can’t cut yourself.

It just depends on your threshold of pain…

I’m also a sugaring fan. I like it better than waxing because sugaring only sticks to the hair, waxing sticks to the skin. Much higher pain factor. There is a little bit of pain still involved (again, depends on your threshold) but nothing that has ever kept me from going back. Plus, as previously stated, it gets better the longer you do it.

Never did my pits, though. That was valuable info. I’m a leg/bikini person myself.

If you are thinking of waxing, I would recommend going to a salon to have it done, at least the first time. I know it’s not cheap, but they know what they are doing. Then you will know what to expect when you do it at home. I always say it hurts like a band aid coming off “YEAOOOW” when it’s happening, but it quickly feels fine. Some people get some redness that lasts about a day. I know a few people who waxed two or three times, and didn’t like it. I always suggest trying it a few more times, it takes a while to get used to it.

It also takes some will-power to fight the temptation to use a razor to do a quick touch up. For me, that would throw me completely off the waxing cycle. Try to put up with having some visible hair while you are waiting for the next wax. After five years of nothing but waxing, I see significant decrease in the amount of hair growth. When I was alternating between waxing and shaving, the hair kept growing back as thick as ever, yuck. For touch ups, I keep a box of cold wax strips. They work ok for small areas.

I’ve never tried sugaring, but as other people in this thread have mentioned, I have heard that it is more comfortable than waxing, especially for people with very sensitive skin. Personally, I don’t think waxing hurts that much at all, and I have my legs, pits, bikini, and eyebrows waxed.

I tried Nair and similar products a few times, but it stinks to high heaven, and the smell seems to linger, both on you, and in your bathroom.

Sugaring? :confused:

At least now I know that this doesn’t just happen to me. I use the blades with the wires wrapped around them, the ones that the manufacturers say protect you from cuts. I always feel like I’m saying “I’ll show them I can still cut myself!”

I’m not sure if I should try waxing because I have very sensitive skin and I’m afraid of what it would do. I might try sugaring, though, especially if it’s less painful and lasts a long time. Can anyone recommend a particular brand or product?

I echo Welfy…Qu’est-ce que c’est- sugaring? Does it involve actual sugar?

I know what you mean, it’s a bit annoying waiting for the hair to grow out…with my arm pits anyway. I never have the temptation to use a razor…the idea of shaving just seems…icky to me. I only did it twice in my life before i started waxing though. For me, having smooth hairless legs feels good…like the pain makes it worth more. (Am I a masochist?)

The salon is a good idea: i always have it done there…

And yeah, your hair does tend to grow in much slower. Even after a month of not waxing, my legs do not seem as hairy as they did before…

Note that there still is only one permanent method of hair removal, that being electrolysis.

Well, I know as a guy that this might be a taboo thread for me, but…

Well, my wife likes the shaving effect, but hates to shave… says it takes to long, etc.

So I’m very interested in the “sugaring”, as it sounds like that Nads stuff. If it works as well as it says, and is as painless as it says, I’m all for it.

Now (here we go) my wife, when she does shave, shaves from the belly button down. What are shaving alternatives for that region? She always ends up with a razor burn in an uncomfortable place… plus those little shaving bumps, but they go away in a day or so…

advice, ladies, and I’m quite serious…

Well, as a guy, I find the hacking at one’s face thing fairly annoying, even though I try to keep it down to two or three times a week to avoid razor bumps. Currently use mach3 blades.

I am curious about this sugaring thing too. I have a black friend who uses Nair since he has real problems with razor bumps when he shaves.
How does this sugaring work? Has anyone tried it on their face or any area with a lot of nerves? (can think of one other area that would qualify)
It was mentioned that your hair grows back less afterwards. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. True, shaving is a hassle, but if I wanted to go permanent, I’d use laser hair removal (some guys do do that).
So any information that might be useful to a guy who would like to cut down on the amount of face hacking per week?

how come guys don’t just wax instead of shaving? I know a lot of women get their upper lips waxed and all…seems to me, that could work for males as well…

Well, this idea of it reducing the amount of hair on your face could be one discouraging factor. Someday you might want it?
I’ve been thinking though. The most annoying part of my face to shave (most razor bumps and gouges) is the neck. Maybe I should just try waxing/sugaring/lasering/electrolysing the neck. Then I could shave everything above the jaw as normal.

[homer]Hmmmmmm! Sugar-coated women! :)[/homer]

Sugaring is a removal method very much like waxing only with a sugar (yes, real sugar) base instead of a wax base. The sugar is mixed with…something, warmed, applied to the hair and pulled off. Again, since it’s NOT a wax base, it does not stick to the skin as wax does, but only to the hair. This makes it unlike a band-aid insofar as there is no pulling of (or off of) the skin.

The only facial sugaring I’ve had done is eyebrows, but I assume it would work equally well for other facial areas. As previously stated, I also do legs and bikini line and have had no problems with ingrown hairs and irritation as I did with waxing. Also, the effects do last as long as waxing, which is anywhere from three weeks to two months usually, depending on rate of hair growth.

I, too, recommend getting it done by a salon (if possible, I know it’s not as readily available as waxing) at least the first few times.

And one other thing, the sugar stuff comes off with water. For anyone that’s spent half a day, three fingernails and a few patches of skin trying to pick off leftover wax, you know what a boon this is. :wink:

The wax should come right off with baby oil. Actually, any oil will do. I once used – lord help me – Wesson cooking oil when I couldn’t find the baby oil.