cat health wierd issue???

ok this sounds creepy but I wouldn’t be here if it were normal :smack:
I did work with vets for many years and this is new to me.
I have an outdoor cat, when I picked him up to cuddle him, I saw what looked like a thick coarse straight black thread or hair sticking out of his anus. ehh!
his bottom was clean, no weird stuff, no anal gland stuff ect there.
I tried to tug a bit to pull it out and he shrieked! so naturally I stopped.
I ran in and got his sterile eye wipes and although his bottom looked really clean, I wiped it gently a few times. the black whatever it was was gone when I looked the next time. he gets revolution which is for fleas, worms, and ear mites. since he eats large bugs I was thinking I hoped it was just an antenna? please goddess!
anyone ever heard of or seen anything like this? I googled and googled and saw nothing even similar to this. so I registered to ask cyber space. :eek:

I would guess the kitty got carried away and ate the bit of string he was playing with.

Since this problem can’t really be diagnosed accurately without examining the cat, let’s move this to IMHO.

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It’s possible that he ate some string and it’s causing problems with his innards. When you tugged on it, it might have tugged on something inside.

It’s also possible that it was nothing and the cat just objected to you fiddling with its bottom. It must have been a weird sensation.

Keep an eye on him for the next 48 hours and if he looks sick - especially if you see him straining - take him to the vet asap. Maybe get him some gooshy food to help things along. He’ll probably just go back to being his usual happy self though. Good Luck!

Awesome answer.