Cat looked almost dead, then fine a couple hours later

When I left for work she was lying on the floor, apparently unable to move. There was doodoo a few feet behind her, so she’s been unable to get to the cat box. I got Ms. P up and kissed the cat on the head, thinking it was probably the last time I’d see her. A couple hours later she got up and ate, and has been fine the rest of the day. I admonished her for scaring me. She’s only 10 or so, but does have occasional digestive problems. Then only seem to occur in the morning. Stop making us think you’re almost dead, you dodo.

She may have had a seizure. The symptoms match at least. If it happens again, you should contact your vet. Medication may help or she may have something more serious going on.

She’s going to the vet tomorrow. She’s had mornings when she didn’t want to eat, then would want to eat later. She was dancing for her food tonight.

I’m glad she’s going to the vet. Those fuzzy little jerks hide any sign of weakness or sickness because they don’t want to be targeted by other cats or predators. House cats really are aware that humans are also predators and are bigger than them, so will hide signs of disability out of instinct.

Let us know what the vet says please.

She had tests at the vet’s office today, so hopefully we find out what’s going on with the little goofball.

Any news on the goof-ball?

Little dum-dum keeps carrying on like nothing happened. Tests revealed nothing. It’s almost as if she just had a wicked hangover (although there were other days when she didn’t eat much but seemed to feel fine). She also says she’d prefer sharing the house with Clarence the Possum instead of her current companion cat.

You may as well send her on down. Another fur-bearer wouldn’t even be noticed.
Miss Haricot, the latest member of my hoard has been here a week and Mr.Wrek just noticed her today.

She doesn’t travel well, alas. We have plenty of possums up this way; maybe she can get one of her own. She doesn’t go outside, though. She’d have to visit through the screen on the porch.

My only exposure to veterinary knowledge is “All Creatures Great and Small”, but I’m reminded of the episode where something like this was happening to the cat of an old man with terminal cancer, and it turned out the cat was licking the dregs of his liquid morphine.

Wild guess - could your cat have had access to hand sanitiser or any other form of alcohol?

I believe that on occasions the administrative functions of the Cat Life Amendment Department run a little slowly and until official subtraction of a “life” has been carried out then the cat is not allowed to get up and move about.

Also, how can this be the dope and yet no-one has yet suggested that it was both alive and dead at the same time? Shame on everyone.

Oooh - years ago, we stored old, inherited liquor bottles in a basement bar (that we never used). The cats found the back way into the cabinet, knocked over and broke a bottle of tequila, and were hungover for about two days (we determined hangover after noticing the broken bottle).

“I am alive. Now feed me.”

I heard that in a Benedict Cumberbatch “Smaug” voice. Mind you, I have the impression that all cats think in such a voice (or female equivalent…who would that be?)

Nah, her voice is a lot higher pitched. She’s a very tiny generic striped cat.

Eartha Kitt.