Cat owners - Is this normal??

For the past three days there has been a cat lurking in gangway that separates our house from the apartment building next door. We’ve never seen it before. I don’t know if the cat belongs to someone in the building, but I do know that it has been ‘meowling’ loudly almost non-stop, all night & day. I’m inclined to think its a stray, as it appears a bit bedraggled and it is very skittish if I try and approach it. I’m not exactly a cat person, but I’m concerned that it might be dying of thirst or hunger or has some other pain and that is why it is making so much noise.

So is this just something that some cats do, or is it an indication that something is wrong with the cat?

It sounds to me like he is a “Cat About Town” and he smells a cat in heat. He is trying to get her to myowl back where he can locate her.

I should think the “Cat ABout Town” idea is right, but if you are worried lest it is dying of hunger or thirst, well, would it really upset your neighbours if you put out some water and food for it? If you prefer not to use your own human-use crockery , then unless you are terribly tidy, there must be some litttle empty plastic container intended for the trash, that would do. I hope cat is OK.


Well, I thought about putting out a little food/water for it but initially decided against it because 1) if it does belong to someone, they could get a little weird about someone else feeding their cat and 2) if its a stray, I don’t really want to encourage it to stay around.

My girlfriend said that since its a calico (white/brown/orange splotches) the cat is female. Is this true? If so, does a cat in heat meow like that? If so, how long does their cycle last?

Oh Yeah, a cat in heat will make a lot of noise. You ought to her them when they get together, you wouldn’yt think that they were having an fun at all. Listening to a couple of cats screw will make your skin crawl.

I’ve never seen a male calico. Female cats in heat are at least as loud as the males in heat - it’s annoying as hell and it’s nonstop. It’ll go on for days and days, too. Enjoy.

Male calicos are fairly rare and apparently almost always sterile (,Meiosis&CalicoCats.pdf), so it sounds like you probably have a female cat in heat hanging out—perhaps someone in the building owns a tomcat?