Cat pitch

Creamsicle seems to have pine pitch or cedar pitch in her fur. I’ve tried brushing it out, but it just annoys her. How can I get it out? (She also has a spot on the tip of her nose.)

Cut the worst of it out with blunt-nosed nail scissors and let the rest wear off. Do not put solvents of any kind on your cat.

This is what your vet would do.

I don’t recommend solvents either. You could try to use dish soap or lanolin cleaner to soften and remove some of it so you don’t have to cut out huge patches. You can dust her nose with flour to harden it up and then she’ll take care of the rest.

This was not what I was expecting from the title.

What immediately came to my mind was dot pitch, and started imagining a very large cat-based monitor.

Do you have clippers (beard/mustache trimmers)? They work great.

I thought about dish soap, but as gentle and patient as she is, I’m pretty sure she would not sit still for that. I thought about clipping, but didn’t want to. It sounds like that’s the solution though, unless I just keep trying to tease the pitch out with the brush.

Yes, clip out the area in her fur and she’s probably going to have to live with the area on her nose. I actually don’t really like the idea of that, unless it’s a very small dot. She could end up with a sore underneath. You might need your vet to help remove it.

She’ll get it off herself eventually. Cats in the wild encounter this problem all the time.

Bats left. Pitches right.

(Many – most? – cats are left pawed.)

Sure. They also get sores, get bugs, get wounded, get eaten, starve to death, get run over, and so on. What happens in the wild isn’t a good metric in other words.

Cats aren’t that great at cleaning their faces, and the sap isn’t something she could even get out of the fur she could reach. It may be there a while. Johnny LA - I would keep an eye on the spot on her nose. If the skin starts to get red or irritated, or you notice any swelling or puffiness, take her in to see the vet. Otherwise, she may just have the sap there for a long time. Eventually the fur underneath will fall out and it should disappear.

… shaved pussy? …


60+ years of (simultaneous/multiple) cat ownership, and have never experienced that situation.
Perhaps you possess “special” kitties.

My cat gets pitch in his fur all the time from rubbing up against his favorite tree, the one he thinks no one can see him hiding behind. . The best thing to do is just clip off the fur.

With the nicer weather, Creamsicle likes to hang out on the roof. We think she climbs the cedar out front. (So it’s probably cedar pitch.)

Yeah. I was expecting a cat organ, or the base, infernal fiction of the musical organ made using cats.

The modern equivalent is using samples of cat meows, as in a Mellotron or, more likely, digital samples, the pitch of which can be shifted more easily.

Yeah, clippers work just fine on the body… (Because*** we*** think it is necessary). The face, they’ll take care of themself.

Road tar on one of my Tom’s forepaws right now. No problem for him… Or me.

And I was picturing a variant of softball. You know, you’ve got coach pitch, slow pitch, fast pitch, an angry cat thrown into the batter’s face…

Otherwise, known as the Sunny Daze.:slight_smile: