Cat Problem

Several of my neighbors’ cats like to crap in my yard. They also dig up bulbs that I have planted. What can I do to prevent this without harming the cats?

My mom used to put chicken wire on her flower and vegetable beds to keep her cat from scratching in 'em. She put the mesh (large plastic mesh would work too) on the ground right after she planted. The plants would grow up through the mesh and the cat couldn’t scratch. It worked perfectly.

Well, if you catch them doing it you could spray them with water. After a few times, they should get the picture and move on to less moist playgrounds.

The mesh on the ground is a good idea!

As for the crapping, a shot of water will soon get them out of the habit, assuming you can catch them in the act.

Somebody’s likely to tell you to reason with your neighbor. Sounds like a great idea … in theory. Are they primarily outdoor cats? Or are they indoor cats who are let out once or twice a day? Perhaps the neighbor might we willing to coordinate a time of day so that you can be ready with a squirt gun.

Oneother option for pesky animals, is to cook some bacon in a pan. When you are done cut a sponge into bite sized peices, and let them soak in the grease. Sprinkle in your yard and let the animals enjoy.

Try leaving your garage door open about 6 inches and set one of these up in it. You can usually rent one from your local animal shelter, which makes emptying it easier. I’d use canned tuna as bait.

This sounds quite a lot like animal endangerment or abuse. The authorities and many people here would take an exceptionally dim view of such an activity. Please piss off at the earliest opportunity.

Is your answer serious?

Considering he registered to make that comment, I’d say no, it’s probably a bad joke/troll.

Spray Away

Spray Away–Motion Activated Water Repellent
Best used for: Repelling > Cats

Spray Away works by detecting an animal or bird with infra-red sensors. Once detected, the animal is sprayed with 3 seconds of water.


Looks like something that might be fun to set up on your front lawn beside the sidewalk. :slight_smile:

I hope that was intended as a joke. Either way, it’s not appropriate.

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I don’t know if this works on cats, but to teach our dogs to keep out of the garden Dad took several mousetraps, set them and turned them upside down. Then he covered them with dirt. When the dogs stepped on the traps, they snapped shut - being upside down, this caused them to spring into the air, scaring the daylights out of the dog, and within a short time we had no more problems with dogs on the gardens.

I also remember my mother spreading napthaline (sp?)flakes around because cats hate the smell of them.

Cocoa shell mulch.

Lots of cats roaming our neighborhood, but out bulbs seem to be left un molested. They don’t like the smell or the texture.