Cat scratches EVERYTHING! Is this some type of feline neurosis?

Our male siamese has an issue. He paws everything. The reason I saw paws and not scratch is beause he does not utilize his claws. He just paws smooth surfaces. Mirrors, bureaus, walls, banisters, refrigerators, anything smooth he paws.
He never scratches our furniture, and never does any damage with his claws, he just likes to pretend-dig into anything smooth. Does anyone elses cat do this? If so how do we curb his appetite for smooth surfaces? We just want to know why he is so neurotic about fake digging into smooth surfaces?

The reason he is neurotic is because he is a Siamese. I have one. He is neurotic. I am glad I really can’t understand what he is saying (other than “Mom” when I lock him out of the office).

So he likes the feel of various objects of his paw pads. Or he’s a compulsive scent-marker. Seems harmless enough.

I had a siamese cat that would duck under the dining room table and lunge out at people. It was amusing. Carrying that pigeon under my my desk while I was working, not so much.