Why did my Cat all of a sudden decide feet were fair game to gnaw on?

I have a 3 year old siamese attack kitty - He is a long lanky apple head, seal point siamese, he’s got his claws and knows how to use them well. He is conditioned very nicely to be as cute as possible when new friends come over, and when they leave he turns back into attack kitty.

As of late he has taken to attacking my feet when I put them on the floor in the morning for the first time. He lays in wait under the bed until I get up and then as soon as my feet hit the hard wood floor he pounces and imbeds his talons into my ankle. I howl in pain and he loves it! For some reason he doesn’t go after my wife’s feet at all.

This may not seem like odd behaviour…but here is the twist - He never ever, liked being touched by someones feet…Like when I would sit on the couch and he’d lay down in front of me and I’d pet him with my foot… he hated that with a passion… Now he loves it and almost encourages it… He’ll come up to me when I’m wearing socks and do figure eights around my ankles until I lift one foot up and pet him with it… (I have clean feet don’t worry)

My question is - why the sudden change in mood? What happened? Has any of your cats ever done this? Change one particulat behaviour they had since infancy, into something completely different?

Your cat is obviously a gay sadist with a foot fetish. He should have his own MySpace community. :dubious:

Well, it seems obvious to me that your cat has developed a foot fetish. Seriously, I don’t know what it could be. Is there anything different about your feet? The reason I ask is because my cats don’t bite except when I get out of the hot tub. Then two of them try to eat me. Once I was in the bathroom toweling off after sitting in the tub and one of the cats came in, started sniffing my leg, and gave me a huge bite. I don’t know what it is about the chemicals, but they drive them crazy. But if your feet don’t smell/taste different, I don’t know.

The correct answer is…it’s a cat. Cat’s are allowed to do whatever they want, whenever they want and they will change their behavior without notice just because they can.

You got that right.

My cat used to sleep in my bedroom at the foot of my bed. One day I was sitting in my living room watching tv when all of the sudden my cat comes tearing out of my bedroom like she had just seen a ghost.

I walked into my bedroom to see what the hell her problem was. I searched that room from top to bottom and didn’t find a F’n thing that warented her freaking out like she did.

Every since then she refused to go back into that room. I once tried to force her to go in there and she started growling at me so I let her go.

I no longer live in that apartment but for the life of me I’d love to to what the hell freaked her out so bad.

One of our cats has always loved to attack my big toe, or more specifically the “neck” part just behind the bulbous part. I wonder if it’s pounce/kill type of play, since cats usually try to bite the necks of their real prey.

Nothing is wrong. The cat does what the cat fancies. Similarly:

Cookie Monster creeps into our room about 3am every single night, and sleeps between us, or purrs happily, until my wife’s alarm goes off, before tapping one of us on the shoulder (literally) to remind us politely that it’s time for her breakfast. She’s been doing this for the past five years.

Until two mornings ago, when she decided that my big toe was no longer my toe, but a mouse hiding under the sheets, waiting to be KILLED MOFO DIE DIE DIE, thus arrousing me from my slumber with at least eight claws sunk into said digit, and much cursing and some blood. Bitch.

Fuckin’ cats, I love 'em.