Cat sneezes, human cries with laughter.

The cats and I were having a quiet childless morning today. I was curled up on the floor, watching Dirty Pretty Things. Cleo was sitting behind my knees, doing her usual morning ablutions. Bernie was lying on the couch, paws extended over the edge, sleeping soundly.


Bernie sneezed so hard she fell off the couch.

This wasn’t the usual “fnff” kitty sneeze. This was a fullblown, almost human sneeze.

Cleo shot out and ran to hide under my bed. Bern picked herself up, walked in front of me, gave me look like “What the HELL what THAT?” and proceeded to sit and lick her butt.

giggle…chortle…BWAH HA HA HA HA HA ~snort~ HA HA HA HA

I offended her Highness mightily at that. She ceased her cleaning to glare at me (mouth slightly agape, tongue partially hanging out). She then walked regally into the kitchen to pout.

Gawd, I love cats.

I was out of town last weekend, from Thursday to Monday, getting home around 9PM. I had a friend come in and check on the kitties while I was gone - make sure they had water, give them some petting and the like.

Scout has a chair that’s ‘hers’. I keep a cloth on it because she’s my shedding queen. Well, after I got home, she was so excited that I was there and could pet her that she kept rolling around on the chair, trying to get the best position for petting (I don’t think she knows yet what she likes, because she can’t just be still and be petted). All of a sudden, she fell completely off the chair. Nothing graceful about this one - it resembled a sack of potatoes falling.

I got the giggles from it, because she looked completely dumbfounded by it. She picked herself up, went into the other room and either drank or ate something (I could hear her tag clicking on the bowl) and came back to get on the chair because she still wanted serious petting.

nod the naughty loves to sleep on the top of the back of the couch. in the middle of a dream her foot twitched, and she lost her delicate balance and plopped off the couch.

she landed in the recycle bag. thankfully recycle day was the next day, and a full grocery bag of newspaper was there for her to land on.

it took a lot of licking and a few swipes at humans and cats for her to overcome it.

One time my dearly departed kitty was sitting on a kitchen chair and sneezed so hard, she bonked her face into the edge of the table. She was solid black and her mouth swelled up and turned pink. She looked like she was wearing wax lips.