cat /var/data/SDMB | grep -i geek

There’s lots of us geeks here, you can smell it in the postings.

So, to those who understand the subject line, who’s a professional geek here on the SDMB?

Obviously, you can count me. I’ve been doing Unix in various flavors for about 13 years now. I’ve been paid to run HP-UX, DEC/OSF, Linux, NeXT, Solaris, & AIX. Currently, I’m a large-box Solaris admin with a strong responsibility for all things related to our storage systems, Oracle, Veritas & backups.

And, yes, I know that “grep -i geek /var/data/SDMB” is ok, too.

Pro geek here. I’m not a big *ix user so the topic took me a little, but I understood it.

6 years now, certified CNE on Netware 3.12, 4.x, 5.x. Also have held Cisco CCNA for almost 4 years. Trying to decide if I want to go for security exams(CISSP, GIAC, etc), or MCSE. Experiance is hard to come by in Vegas. Curently working help desk as a goverment contractor.


B.A. in History, M.S. in CompSci, Oracle DBA (since V5), Unix & OpenVMS sysadmin, C and PL/SQL programmer, other duties as assigned.

Bona fide certifiable geek here. Learned my first programming language at age 11, in one evening (TRS-80 BASIC). Wrangling code in C, C++, Java, JSP, Perl, PHP, FORTRAN, COBOL, and whatnot for about fifteen years now. And anglin’ to feed the inner geek by learning more about JSP, SQL, and Cocoa programming.

My only thought when reading the subject line was “why would you cat the file instead of grepping directly?” I use Linux/Unix exclusively at work, and program in Perl, Fortran and C++, along with the occasional tcsh script. I’m a physicist, though, and have never had a CS class, so my coding is probably, how you say, inelegant. But readable at least, which puts me way ahead of my colleagues.

Personal geek dogma:

  • tcsh is good, ksh and bash are bad
  • emacs is good, vi is bad
  • Perl is very good, csh scripts are bad
  • foreach is good, typing is bad

My bash and vi homies will take you down, Giraffe.

Yessssssssss. </mrburns>

Hello. I thought the same as Giraffe on the grep thing.

Mac OSX (aka FreeBSD with amazing desktop/windowing system) will take over the world of desktops. But the cluster runs debian.

Emacs rules over vi.
Python rules over perl.
Postgresql rules over MySQL.

(heh, usually I avoid religious wars but this looks like fun.)

Another geek here. I’m not a big unix user, although I can read the subject line. I know a handful of languages–c/c++ mainly. I’m in the middle of designing a language, although it’ll never hit public use.

bash-2.05a$ cat /etc/passwd |grep spacecowboy


Currently I’m the IT manager at a oncology/diagnostic imaging clinic. My current projects are to network all of our scanners (ie MRI, CT, PET etc…) so we can do filmless scans, the other biggie is replacing as much of the unlicensed M$ crapware my predecessor installed in the server room and replace with it Linux solutions.

IT Dogma:

both vi and emacs suck. I prefer ‘joe’
A GUI has no business being installed on a server.
Pine rules all MUA’s

not quite religous preferences:

Mozilla rules all browsers.
Postfix rules all other MTA’s
perl == best for complicated scripts on the local machine
bash == best for simple dirty, ugly written by a sysadmin scripts
PHP == best web scripting language.
I got my start as a pro-geek in college working the computer labs and doing user account maintenance on our OpenVMS system. Since then I’ve worked alot with Netware 4.x (I think or was it 3.x been a while) various flavors of windows (blech) and a lot of the free *nixes, mostly FreeBSD and Linux.

Addendum: by emacs, I of course mean gnu emacs. Xemacs sucks the sweat off a dead man’s balls.

Mostly do things in Solaris and Linux, as those are the things running on the servers on my accounts at the campus I teach at (in Computer Science).

vi == bleahh
C++ good… COBOL bad…
gnu gcc/g++ compiler good… MS Visual C++ wish they’d get the bugs out…

tcsh fine… like bash just fine, too…

Still use pine for e-mail on campus. No Outlook for me, thanks… Damn virus spreader.

Had to teach myself some of this when I taught a basic web course last summer. I’m inclined to agree on PHP – what I’ve seen of it so far looks very useful, especially the built-in support for hooking to numerous databases.

vi is a real man’s editor. emacs is for pussies.
Did I really say that?

Oh, and bash kicks butt on tcsh too.

Oh, and I think [Gg]eek woulda been better.

I used to be a sort of amateur geek pretending to be a professional - I got paid to do it, and I faked it well, so people thought I knew a lot more than I did.

Another geek here. I actually quit the computer industry about 3 years ago, but for 15 years I’d used all kinds of flavors of unix, oracle from version 6.0.36, Pascal, C, C++, Java etc. etc. etc.

<religous beliefs>
Professionals use vi, C++,unix and oracle
Semi-Pros use emacs, windows and SQL Server
Amatuers use a Mac
</religous beliefs>

vi rules. I’m writing my Ph.D thesis with it, not to mention all my code.

Though I admit I do most of my work in IDL which is a commercial (not free in either sense) programming language, so I suppose that lowers my geek status by a couple of notches. I’m working on growing my hair longer to make up for it.

Vi, my friends, is evil. Emacs on the other hand, is fantastic. Its almost its own operating system - I can do an awful lot from within one session of Emacs. My coding mainly revolves around programming the shell (bash), and FORTRAN. I can write scripts in S-Lang as well, but I doubt if anyone’s heard of that.

Whoa. She’s a babe, she can talk physics, and she can sling code as well… ::swoon::
[sub]do guys swoon?[/sub]

Wow, so very geeky, yet so very wrong. :smiley:

OK, now you’re just askin’ for it…

For the record, I’m a professional geek. My official title is Chief Techincal Officer, but in an 8-person company that equates to “the guy who does damn near everything that needs doing with computers.” Mostly I do database and web stuff in perl and PHP. I’m currently working on building a terabyte-sized database using MySQL (which reminds me, I need to swap DLT’s… hang on… there we go.) I’ve been a programmer since I was 10 (Timex/Sinclair 1000 BASIC - w00t!) and have been into radio and electronics since I was 8.

Incidentally, I don’t use either vi or emacs - I use “joe” - long live the Wordstar control-key commands! Props to you, TheFunkySpaceCowboy! Control-K-X!

Oh, and Angua (you again!) - it’s been said that emacs is a great operating system in need of a decent editor. :wink:

cat /var/data/SDMB | grep -i geek searches for geeks.

That is, I could just tell from the title that you wanted to hear from everyone who understood regexps, though only on a second parsing and checking a man page did I figure out precicely what the command would actually do.