Cat with a drinking problem

This made me laugh so hard I had to share it - cat with a drinking problem. Well, his unorthodox method gets the job done…

Now that’s using your head!

That is freakin’ funny! I mean, if my cat is, for whatever reason picky cats do this, unhappy with the water in his water dish, he does not hesitate to get into the bathroom sink (after I’ve brushed my teeth or washed my hands) and slurp up the water droplets. Why those droplets from a not-necessarily-so-clean sink are better than the fresh water from his dish, who’s to say? Cats is teh wierdnezz. But that video. . .to see a cat voluntarily put his head under running water like that. . .too funny!

My cat thinks my dirty bath water is fine wine. He likes it the soapier the better. :rolleyes:

Cats instinctively go after running water (less chance of pollution?). After brushing teeth, cats may be after peppermint in the toothpaste.

We had to get brush covers to stop them from chewing on the bristles when we were not around…

My cat drinks by soaking her foot in the bowl, then taking it out and licking her paw.

She has taught this to the other girl cat.

In the morning, they look at me like they are saying, “We don’t know why there is kitty litter in the water. Give us clean water and this wouldn’t have happened!”


I used to have a cat that would do the exact same thing as the cat in the video… as well as jump in the shower with me and stand in the spray and drink, jump into the tub with me while I was taking a bath and just wander around, as well as lovingly nuzzle me and the shower head the whole time I gave her a flea bath. Damn weird cat, but I still miss her.


Tikva drinks from the faucet- but I don’t think she’s ever gone that far.

Adopt Pinky on the same site made me laugh even harder. Thanks, Cat Whisperer. I needed that laugh.

My Manx has me trained to let him out when he goes apeshit (5-6 times a day). He is very vocal. He wants to drink from the 10,000 gallon in ground pool or as I call it, his water dish.