Hilarious cat video! (I know, I know, but REALLY!)

Cats drinking out of a running tap isn’t unusual, but I have NEVER seen a cat get its water in such a unique and funny way before. I’ve watched it at least 20 times and I still laugh every time.

(I know it’s wasting water but it’s still funny)

It’s kinda cute but I don’t thinks it’s funny at all. And that cat seemed to be damned thirsty. I have to wonder if the owner withheld water from it.

Meh. You’re right… wasting water.

But then I’m not much of a cat person.

There are other videos of the cat on YouTube. I think it just likes the feel of the water. Here’s another one where he’s more playing in the water than drinking.

Though I did wonder at first if the cat was diabetic, thus thirsty all the time.

My late cat Zoe used to like sticking her head under taps, though not when they were running that hard. I don’t think you can assume the cat was water deprived. Some cats just have strange likes.

Yeah, I gotta say, if that cat’s trying to get a drink, he’s doing it wrong–towards the end there, he appeared to be sticking his ear into the water for considerable periods of time.

I think he just likes to stick his head into running water; Bastet only knows why.

Gotta love the Hubbard/Shaw in the background.

I thought it was hilarious! Cats crack me up anyway. Thanks for the link.

I prefer this video, made by a couple who had to start closing the bathroom door whether it was occupied or not:

This one is much funnier as it involves psychological drama and suspense as well.

You’re right, that was hilarious.

I think it was trying to drown out the jazz music.

Actually, another vote for “he likes the feeling” over being thirsty. Or just the standard cat explanation; cats are weird.

My cat does that, though not to the extent that this cat does it. He drinks out of the faucet and after a minute or two sticks his whole head under there. When he is finished he insists that you pet his wet head.