Catalog pic

Anyone else find p. 49 of the new J. Crew catalog (“Before the Holiday Rush”)as funny as I do?
– Greg, Atlanta

honey, I don’t have the J.Crew catalog, and they don’t have one online. I think that is why no one is replying to your thread. Why don’t you explain the picture to us.

Yeah, I figured it would take a while for folks to go home and find the catalog in the stack of mail. Just wanted to prompt you to take a look.
It’s a model with an unmistakable boner, an impressive one no less, and he’s even looking down straight at it. It would be merely curious if he weren’t staring at as if to say, “Wait! Don’t shoot the pic yet! I’ve got to adjust this… oh damn.”
– Greg, Atlanta

Gee, they could’ve airbrushed it - Rolling Stone took the woodie off the Wooden Man, Algore, for the cover shot…