Catching a cold at the outset of starting exercise routine

I have a very sedentary job, and generally am kind of lazy, so I don’t get a lot of exercise. Every few months I decide to change my ways and eat better and get more exercise. But it is inevitable that when I make this switch, within a week I will come down with a cold or some other alignment.

So, my factual question is this; is there some reason that changing exercise / eating habits causes a dip in overall health, or am I experiencing conformational bias?

The changes are never drastic, just cutting to cut back on the stuff I know is bad and add in some exercise.


What kind of exercise?

I remember when I first started running I did it outside on a day where the temperature was around zero. I felt like my lungs were bleeding. My body just wasn’t used to it, and as a result, I ended up with a chest cold.

Also, some gyms I have been to are very dry, and I would end up with a sore throat and sinuses, which can feel like a cold. I also wonder if possibly the gym you’re going to has a mold or dust problem, and maybe you have allergies?

Just getting out and walking to start with, trying to do a couple of miles of brisk walking to get started – outside. My timing on this venture may have definitely brought my exposure to pollen way up. Maybe I just get the bog to work out when Spring rolls around?

It always seems easy to get sick outside whenever you start out cool enough that you need to wear a sweatshirt/jacket and end hot enough that you are sweating and the shirt/jacket comes off. But developing sweat in the winter time can be particularly dangerous especially if you aren’t going to have a chance to go in and warm up for a while.

After I’m in place deer hunting, I’ll take as many layers of clothes off as I need to dry out quickly and put them back on after all of the sweat has evaporated. Its much safer than sitting there in sweaty clothes. Even when its 40 degrees outside.

Yeah, sweating is a major problem for me as well. I sweat profusely during heavy activity. So I do winter outdoor chores as hard and fast as possible, then head in for a warm shower as soon as I’m done. Still figuring out how to work it correctly for deer hunting :wink: