Catchphrase question

I like catchphrases:
‘I’ll be back!’
‘because I’m worth it’
‘that’s GOTTA hurt’

but wait - where does that last one come from?

Over to you, fellow Dopers…

In the bathtub of history, the truth is harder to hold than the soap… (Pratchett)

I’m sure it’s been used in other movies, but the last one is used in The Phantom Menace.
In the Pod Racer scene, of of the competitors crashes into a boulder, and his pod blows up. The annoying two-headed announcer(s?) says, “No matter what planet you’re from, that’s gotta hurt!”

Unrelated note: I’m gonna go see it tomorrow for the 6th time, and probably the last time in a theater. Bittersweet…

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If I were a baseball player, and I got beaned by a fastball, I wouldn’t want medical attention. I’d want my limp, lifeless body flung to 1st, cause, dammit, I earned it!

28 minutes - what a board!


Oh, it’s much older than that. I’ve been hearing it in movies, and hearing sportscasters use it, among other places, for years. Don’t know where it originated, though.

MST3K was using it long before Phantom Menace came out (along with the related phrase “That’s going to leave a mark.”).

I suspect it originated in sports; probably one of the TV sports anchors.

“Drink your coffee! Remember, there are people sleeping in China.”

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Hike, Dive, Ski, Climb —

I like them too, for a while. We tend to wear them out. Every year I look forward to the “Things You Can’t Say in …” edition of the comic “Life in Hell”. Should be showing up soon.

Work like you don’t need the money…
Love like you’ve never been hurt…
Dance like nobody’s watching! …(Paraphrased)

First time I ever heard it was Bugs Bunny. Or was it Curly from the stooges? BTW it’s spelled HOIT

Isn’t “that’s gotta hurt” a Marv Albertism.

Sorry. I should have ended that with a question mark.

Yeah, I can see Marv in the hotel room taking a bite out of her and saying…

That’s gotta hurt.

That’s gonna leave a mark.

You’ll feel that in the morning.

Well this is the anti-ignorance forum … please, what is MST3K?

MST3K = Mystery Science Theater 3000. A Comedy Central and later Sci-Fi Channel show where a guy and two robots would heckle a bad movie.

*glee: Well this is the anti-ignorance forum … please, what is MST3K? *

I couldn’t believe you didn’t know, until I noticed your email address ended in “.uk”.

You’ll probably be getting it in some syndication in a year or two. The humour is fast and subtle, so you gotta watch closely.

Maybe from “The Great Outdoors” with John Candy? The bear busts through the door, bounces up and down on Candy, and one of his family says the line.

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. That’s my name too.
Wait, no it isn’t.


yes, it’s true - we get US stuff much later. Movies can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months; ‘Larry Sanders’ just finished, while ‘Seinfeld’ appears at odd times.

‘Sunset Beach’ (look, I only watched it once, OK) is running about 9 months behind, according to the website.

I’ll watch out for MST3K!

In the bathtub of history, the truth is harder to hold than the soap… (Pratchett)