Catchy Advertising

So, you’re trying to think of a catchy tag line for a range of chocolate products. Oh, and your addressing the Indian market. What better than to using something topical – that always tickles the consumers fancy. So, it’s called the ‘Temptation’ (range of chocolate). Got it ! This one’ll have 'em queuing all the way from Bombay to Calcutta:


“I’m too good to share. What am I?
Cadbury’s Temptations or Kashmir?”

Ah yes, Kashmir ! The beautiful but disputed region between India and Pakistan where 36, 500 people have been killed in the past 14 years. And which got us all rather too close for comfort to FUCKING ARMAGEDDON a couple of months back. Laugh, I almost died !
Coming soon to a confectionary near you:

Snickers Bars: Longer lasting than an Intifada

Mars Bars: Melts in your mouth like munitions on a Chechin

Pot Noodles: Fills the gap between famines
Okay, so they’ve withdrawn it - just. But what were they thinking…I think I’m going mad…


It’s the furture of confectionary advertising.

Cadbury’s Flake: so crumbly you’ll think it’s a third world political regime!

Yorkie Bar: It’s just for men, like rights under the Taliban!

That is strange. If they hadn’t pulled it, maybe it would have gone on to Israel.

“I’m too good to share. What am I?
Cadbury’s Temptations or the West Bank?”

This is one of the common dangers of making jokes during the brainstorming sessions. The reasonably intelligent ones recognize it as a joke to be laughed at and then set aside, while the not-so-bright ones think it’s a serious suggestion. Guess which one the manager making the final decision is more likely to be?

Some personal experiences with sales managers thinking “you copywriters have it easy. I can do that!” resulted in the following:

Kanebo Blow Silk (shampoo)
Toyota Whiz
Mazda Bongo Friendee
Matsushita/Panasonic’s web portal (featuring Woody Woodpecker), “TouchWoody, the Internet Pecker”

I shit you not.