Cathay's All Asia Pass - Is it worth it?

I plan on going to korea to visit my relatives.
And I heard about this plan of Cathay from a friend.

Basically it allows the person to buy a ticket to Hong Kong to travel to 17 other cities in asia for $1500 CDN for members of Cathay…

I plan on staying for 2 months and take 1 month to stay with relatives and 1 month to travel around asia.
The basic cost comes out to $2000 for the 2 month trip, I guess excluding hotel and other costs.

I haven’t travelled much and know little about plane tickets, tax, other costs…
First question, is this a good deal?
2nd, are there many other hidden costs? (on the site lists a whole bunch of costs)…
3rd, is it a lot of headache with papers, tickets and other things I have to keep track of?


Check the fine print carefully. Those types of tickets usually do not allow you to backtrack – they often have rules that say one must keep moing in one direction, or one can’t return to a city that has already been visited.

These types of tickets can be a good deal, but you should do some trip planning first. Either look at the rules and then plan your trip, or plan your trip and then look at the rules.

The AllAsia pass isn’t a round-the-world pass. So rather than not allowing you to repeat cities, it actually forces you to hub all your travel through Hong Kong. Malaysia air does a similar pass hubbed in Kuala Lumpur. This can be a pain, especially if the cities you want to see are something like Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo, thus requiring massive backtracking to get between them.

Figure out what cities you want to visit, and then see how much it’d cost you to book travel to all of them individually. If the AllAsia pass saves significantly over this, it’s a good deal (at least for you).

You might want to check a website like for more informed opinions as to how much of a hassle it is. Because you have to decide ahead of time what cities to visit and when, I can’t imagine it’s any more of a hassle than standard air travel.

I used an All Asia Pass during Feb-Mar 2003 to visit Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Colombo.

Total price (including tax, but not Colombo departure tax): $1288.00

If you want to visit Sri Lanka, this can be a very good deal, since a ticket to Colombo alone is usually more than this.

Note that flying from Hong Kong to Tokyo may require booking seats well in advance, since this is one of the most heavily travelled routes in Asia and only some of the seats on each flight are available for the pass. I booked my trip in Oct 2002 and had to check about four different flights before I could find one that was available.