Traveling for Cheap

i’ve got about $1000 and i am interested in seeing the world. would it be possible for me to go to some exotic destination with a measly $1000 ?

You can come here to China.

Good luck getting home, though. You do live in the USA?

Seeing the world? No.

Visiting an exotic destination? Yes, it’s possible and can easily be done. I did it just this summer in fact. But it depends on where you live, Question.
This site helps out a lot, but only iof you are planning for trips that originate in the US.

yep, midwest U.S.A. … is $1000 enough to get to china and back? sounds like an interesting trip…

This Amazon page has most of the good do it cheap books. Enjoy.

If you don’t mind travelling in the winter and can leave on very short notice, Travel Zoo (internet address may be ) can offer some amazing fares if you check on them almost on a daily basis. A year or so ago they had round trip flights New York to Paris for $200 - $300.

And Priceline allows you to bid and sometimes negotiate what you are willing to pay.

If you live in a large city, another possibility is to apply for a position as an international courier. You can’t support yourself doing this and you pay have to pony up $50 for a flight, but the company usually pays the rest of it. You may get to stay only a couple of days, but what a chance to at least glimpse some of the world!

Your passport will cost you about $85 plus $10 for the photographs. Keep it up to date and keep a list of things to pack appropriate for different climates.

If I were young again, I would postpone everything in order to travel abroad. Then I would probably choose an American University abroad in which to study.

You will be amazed at the adventures you can have if you travel on your own!

Before posting this, I took a peek at TravelZoo. They had a flight to Paris that included airfare, hotel and breakfast that just blew me away. Have fun checking out their site!

A friend of mine just returned from two weeks in China for under $1000 using and I am planning a trip on my own in January. January 22 is the Chinese new year and the entire country comes to a standstill for a week of huge celebrations. I plan to be there.

How old are you? How’s your health? What’s your education? Some people join the military to see other places. However, sometimes you have to do things like act like a soldier when you enlist/get a commission. Plus it’s a commitment that will take several years of your life.

what about this courier you speak of? what would i have to do as a courier? i do want to see most of the world but i don’t want to spend a lot. memories are i want to take back. i figure if i can survive on ramen noodles alone then eventually i’ll save up enough money to go on another trip … repeat until i see the whole world …

As a general rule of thumb, you can fly from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world, round trip, for under $1000. There are a few exceptions, but China isn’t one of them. Detroit-Bejing roundtrip can be had for $800 very easily, and cheaper than that is doable.

Another rule of thumb is that travel outside the US is rarely more expensive that travel within the US, and often it is much cheaper. A 1 week vacation in Paris is no more expensive than a 1 week vacation in Orlando.

As for the price of a passport, it is valid for 10 years, so if you take a few trips every year, that’s only $5 per trip.

Now for some specifics. If you want to travel to China and perhaps a few other places in asia, Cathay Pacific (an excellent airline based in Hong Kong) has their All Asia pass You can fly from San Francisco, New York, LA, Toronto or Vancouver to Hong Kong, and from there up to 17 other cities in Asia, all for $1000 for 21 days. If you have more time, you can travel up to 90 days for $300 more. It’s a pretty good deal - for $1300, you can spend 5 days in every city on their pass. You’ll have to get yourself to an airport in the US or Canada that Cathay flies from, but that’s pretty easy and cheap - try southwest airlines, for instance.

Some links for information:

General info on countries:

In-depth country information:

General travel information (don’t flip out too much about the warnings, but pay attention - especially if you see something like this
US State Department:
Canada Foreign Affairs: Erreur 404 -

There is a mailing list for travel to China. As far as I know, it isn’t widely publicised, so email me if you want the subscription address. It is moderated, and the moderator is a travel writer who specializes in China travel. He doesn’t like to see questions with answers that can be had by flipping open a guide book. This keeps the traffic on the list down, and the quality up.

I second sailor’s recommendation to check out My GF and I recently booked a trip with them and couldn’t be happier with the price: 6 nights in London for $550 per person including airfar, hotel, taxes and fees. This is from Charlotte - had we been able to leave from DC or NYC it would have only been $299!

Another thing you can do is sign up for Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel newsletter at MSNBC.COM. They email you with great deals 2-3 times a week. This is how we learned about our London trip.

There still are amazingly cheap airfares out there as flukes. Recently I saw round-trip Kansas City to Franfurt, Germany at $320 including taxes and fees on NWA/KLM.

check out a book called World’s Cheapest Destinations.

Not to mention they may station you in exotic Wichita, KS.

:smiley: Well, there is THAT. When my husband was in the Air Force, though, generally everybody HAD to do a “remote” tour of duty every few years. I don’t remember what constituted a remote tour, I believe that it was overseas and without support for family dependents. For instance, my husband was stationed in Spain, but I was allowed to accompany him. There were quite a few military families on that base. However, the rules have probably changed since my husband was discharged, about 15 years ago.

You might also want to look into the possibility of teaching English abroad. This site has a lot of useful tips, job ads, and links.

I would really suggest saving more money and taking a longer trip, whatever you do. Remember, your plane ticket is a major initial investment, so you want to get the most out of it.

One of the students in our lab just got back from a 2 week vacation in the Amazon. He and his girlfriend spent a week camping out in the rainforests with the howler monkeys and the rest of the time at a hotel. Total cost for the two of them, lodging, food, and airfare was $1200. Don’t know how you’d feel about roughing it, but I think it sounds like alot of fun.

That ain’t a fluke. Winter airfares to europe from the US east coast or midwest generally fall somewhere around $250 to $400.

Depends on the city. London isn’t that easy to get to for under $500 even in Feb (typically the cheapest). And some prices have seemed inordinately high lately.