Catholic Church and Cuba

What authority (if any) does the Roman Catholic Church have in hard line communist Cuba?

I’m not sure that I understaned the question, but I am going to say that they have no authority in Cuba except for perhaps a persuasive authority with some of the inhabitants of the island. Then again, persuasive authority is the only authority they have anywhere outside of the Vatican.

And the Pope tried using that persuasive authority when he visited Cuba, speaking quite openly against Castro (I swear he’s holding on just so he can dance on Castro’s grave) and Santaria, apparently placing Communism and Voodoo on the same level.

Crackpot hybrid systems that promote vice and evil in the world?

And, if one wishes to be cynical, systems that channel money away from the coffers of the RCC.

Authority? None. Place in society? A growing one, but one that Mosignor Ortega, Cuba’s Cardinal, is very careful to portray as in no way opposed to the government. For years the Catholic church was barely tolerated in Cuba, to the point that attendance to the Church was carefully monitored by the authorities, it’s a little better now.

I hope you’re joking. Santeria has nothing to do with evil but just in case, here’s a link with more than you ever wanted to know about Santeria.

Sure it s does. After all, Santería, as practiced in the Caribbean, is syncretized with Catholicism.

I’m kidding, of course.

(not even looking as I dopeslap UncleBeer)

While I believe Smiling Bandit was half joking, I also believe that, to the Pope, Santeria is evil. We already know his opinion of Communism, so he possibly draws an equivalence.