The Jesuits Control the Pentagon!!

The title is a quote from a poster on another message board who is known to believe that the Catholic church is secretly in charge of the world and is an agent of Satan. He’s also a YEC. I know it’s not nice to laugh at insane people, but ‘The Jesuits Control the Pentagon!!’ just struck me as funny. Especially when you add an :eek: or two after it. So I wondered…

What single lines have you come across, here or elsewhere, that just struck you as hilarious?

I must do a rephrase from Alfonso el Sabio de Castilla (Alphonse the Wise):

“if the Jesuits were in charge of the Pentagon, it would work better.”

“And who are you to decide your son just has a cold? You must put him in bed and call for a home visit!” - said to… a doctor. Who btw hates people who call for home visit because of something terribly uncommon and never seen before like, say, a mono sore on their lip.

In the same spirit of the OP, my boss this summer stated that the Catholic Church controlled the world because “All the major world leaders are Catholic!”

He then proceeded to tell me that George Bush and Tony Blair are Catholics. I was quite glad that I was one day from being off contract so that I could argue the point without fear of being assigned lousy tasks.