Vatican corruption / New World Order?

Someone I know, who is brought up a Catholic, told me an interesting theory about the Pope and the Vatican. She said that the Vatican is run by a mafia. Not the mafia from Sicily, but the Catholic church mafia. She thinks that the Pope is basically a puppet, who is told what to say and do. Her theory is that the Vatican is in it to make money, and that if the Pope doesn’t toe the line, they can make him disappear.

Intersting theory, I thought. Mind you, she also believes in a thing called “The New World Order”, where there’s only so many people who rule the entire world, ruled by Swiss bankers. Apparantly Bush and Blair are members of this New World Order.

Conspiracy theories? Is there any truth to it, do you think?

Does she know about the black helicopters?

Are you joking? Anyway, I just asked her and she said no.

Well, yes, I think I was joking.

What sorts of evidence does she have for this highly implausible idea?

Of course there aren’t any black helicopters. The pope uses white helicopters.

I wonder if the Swiss know how much they’re doing. And if the Jews are mad for the Swiss trying to horn in on the “take over the world” action…

Hmmmm…does she read Jack Chick?

I think there is probably a whole lot of nasty stuff in the Vatican cupboard, but what do you expect when you try and combine the roles in religion/morality and being a Head of State, with a whole lot of money to add to the pot. From their to “run by a mafia” is a long road though, despite their banking scandals (international banker hanging from Blackfriars Bridge in London), continuing rumours that John-Paul I was murdered etc…

As for “The New World Order”, well this is just another Illuminati allegation, and as bogus as all the others. Hell, Tony Blair couldn’t run a bath, let alone the world…

That’s the problem I have with all the New World Order stuff. It’d require many governments and many politicians to be evil, easy enough, but also incredibly competent. And that’s just not happening.

I for one, being Catholic, find this too far fetched to bother with. However as a loyal co-conspiritor that is exactly what she would expect me to say. Therefore I just proved her point. But she would know that I would know this. So she cannot believe that I meant what I said. However I know that she knows that I know that she knows…er she knows that I know…no wait. Darn conspiracy too hard to follow.

I so thought this thread was about Mage: The Ascension.

Sorry. Please continue.

The Skull and Bones Society is plotting to rule the world!

Oh wait, I just looked at a list of members… they already rule the world. I guess they just want to get drunk and play ping-pong.