Catholic Dopers: A Request, Please

Hi Catholic friends!

Would one (or more) of you kindly put in a prayer to St. Anthony of Padua (Patron Saint of Lost Things) on behalf of Mrs. Homie? She has lost the battery charger to her digital camera and she’s beside herself. Thanks! *

Also, we seem to be missing a cat (Jeff). We couldn’t find him this morning, and there’s no way (that I know of) that he could have gotten outside. This isn’t as urgent, since he’s undoubtedly hiding very securely, but Mrs. Homie is a little concerned. Is there a Patron Saint of Lost Animals, or is this St. Anthony’s patronage as well?

*Every time I’ve posted a thread like this on the SDMB, I’ve found what was lost within hours. Amazing. :cool:

Apply to St. Francis. When it comes to animals, he can’t be beat.

offering prayer to St. Anthony Tony always comes through!

Prayer said, and one for the kitty, too (although I’m sure he’s sitting back somewhere whatching the humans run around and having a good time).


St. Anthony was a Franciscan, so he probably has an “in” about lost animals via Francis.

Besides, take heart: The charger will be in the last place you look for it, guaranteed!

(If your wife is beside herself, can you get charged with bigamy?)

And, if that doesn’t work, there’s always St. Jude (patron saint of lost causes; see the Veneration section of the article).

Good luck!

I’ll sacrifice a virgin for you. It’s two-for-one night at the local atheist’s club.

My dad’s digital camera charger was lost just last week; it was under the front seat of the car. Check there. Failing that, I’ll ask my mother to pray to St. Anthony.

Yes. WOW! I can’t believe this post has gotten this far. Where’s my Flying Spaghetti Monster???

St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please look around
Mrs. Homie’s digital camera charger, plus Jeff, a cat, are lost and must be found.

That was unprovoked assholery. Sorry.

Jeff has been found, but we’re still coming up bubkus on the charger. I’m sure it will turn up.

Tony, Tony, come around,
What was lost, now is found.

and Polycarp, for the sake of the sanity of our good friend Homie, I would hope it would be in the last place he looked. It would be kind of crazy for him to keep looking after he already found it… :smiley:

I concur. If you want to witness do it in another thread.

The patron of domestic animals is St Anthony, Abbot.

I’m just off to 5.30pm mass. I’ll say a prayer for you.

I disagree. Maybe I’m blind, but I can’t figure out what was bad about that post. I read it as someone saying, “I’m not Catholic, so I guess I’m not allowed to pray for you. So I guess I’ll just say something totally absurd. Let’s see. An atheist who sacrifices virgins. Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

So would somebody mind eradicating my ignorance on why this post was so insulting? I’m Christian, by the way, and have lots of Catholic friends.

As for the OP: I hope it’s okay if a non-Catholic prays for you.

Oakminster, I thought your comment was hilarious!!! I saw no assholery there (unless you intended it, and missed your mark!)

I will pray to St.s Anthony, Francis, AND Jude!!!

I’m confused. Why would Mrs. Homie’s charger be under your Dad’s car’s front seat?


If I decided to be offended, it would be because someone came into a friendly thread about praying, and said something totally absurd, as if the idea of praying was totally absurd (which I presume might be what an atheist would think). There would be no call for that.

Not at all. :cool: I just figured that St. A of P would be more likely respond to the prayers of a Catholic.

UPDATE: Still no battery charger. Mrs. Homie thinks she might have left it at her mom’s house. Her mom can’t be bothered to look for it (the words “buy another damned one” came up), but Mrs. Homie is going to be there Labor Day Weekend and she’ll look for it then.