Catnip for Spike

I’m looking for a recommendation for a cat who went wild for catnip by Petguard. We’ve used up our supply, and Petguard is no longer available. I’ve tried other brands and they get me that “is this all you’ve got?” look. I’d be pleased to hear about your recent (fresh) purchases.


Actinidia Polygama twigs? I don’t know if I would describe the reaction as ‘wild’, but it depends on the cat.

This is the stuff that makes my otherwise non-moving ball of fur go full wide eyed crazy pants.

Thanks, Miss Take, Cat Crack is added to the list


And thanks to you, DPRK (can I make up my own reverse acronym?), I have never heard of Matatabi, a.k.a. Silver Vine, and had to take a minute to look it up, so I’ll be on the lookout. Anyone else have any experience with this stuff? Preferably fresh?


Catnip can become less interesting when it dries out. I found that a little spritz of plain water would perk up my cat’s interest. I used to rub the stuff into the scratching post, then mist it.

When I was in my early 20s, my friends and I got the idea of rolling catnip into cigarettes. The smoke tasted close to pot smoke, but it didn’t get us stoned. We gave one to another friend, telling him it was the real thing. He seemed to get really buzzed, until we let him in on the joke. I mailed one to another friend, and his parents found the catnip joint. He tried to explain, but it dried out in the mail, and his cats wouldn’t touch it.

AskNott, I’ll try rehydrating some of this dead stuff. Thanks.


This is the only 'nip I buy anymore. Killer stuff. Fresh, organic, grown in the USA, and all the cats I know (all seven of 'em) go nuts for it. Also, they’ve got silvervine, and valerian root too (good for stress-relief for kitties).

MJM, thanks, I’ll try this, as well as the Valerian. Don’t know that Spike is stressed, but just a few weeks ago he lost his twin brother to cancer.

Never separated in eleven years, this is having some effect on his behavior. Rocco was the affectionate one, where Spike was shy; now he is sticking closer to me, asking for (and getting) more lap time.


Asknott, tried rehydrating a sample of each 'nip in the house - nada.

Ordered Meowijuana and Cat Crack.

Thanks, everyone.


I bought catnip that had silvervine mixed into it. For what it’s worth, 100% of my survey sample (all both of 'em) loved the stuff.

I like to sprinkle it outside on the driveway on sunny days, and let them roll around in it out there. Monkey and Nikki both enjoy rubbing their cheeks on the pile, and I think eating some of it as well.

Purple, sounds like Meowijuana - I’ll add that to the list.

Cat crack was a bust.

Thanks, Dan

Last night I ran across this listing for Teucrium marum (a germander relative) in the J.L. Hudson seed catalog:

“CAT THYME’. Aromatic shrublet to 18”, with large, purplish-pink 1 - 3" flowers and tiny fragrant leaves. Mediterranean. Zone 9. Strongly attracts cats. My barn cats go crazy for this and pester me when I’m filling packets."

Is growing your own (this species or Nepeta cataria) an option?

Not an option, at least, not a no-foolin’-around option. I live in the Mid-Atlantic foothills of the Appalachians, not even remotely Mediterranean. I’m a retired cabinetmaker, guitar- and boat-builder with fifteen years experience as a movie set and prop maker, and I can see that a small portable heated greenhouse (so as to face the sun on my deck) is in my future, as well as Spike’s.

When Rocco was alive there was always competition for food (both 20-pounders, so no shortage), water (continuous drip in the tub) and catnip. Could be that Spike just wasn’t as hot for the ‘nip as his brother was. After all, there was a lot of "I’ll just help my Bro’ with HIS food before I go back to mine."

Well, we’ll see - spring is coming, and perhaps a bunch of pots spread around is what the Vet would order…