Cats 15, Dachsund 0

Okay, I’m fairly new to servitude to the almighty tailed ones, (I’ve had Maisie about 2 years and Lovey the newest addition a 9 month old, about 3 months).

My dog is an 8 year old mini-aussie and both cats seem to not just tolerate her, but seek out her attention (sheesh even if it involves them getting their heads and ears gnawed). And they are even easy on the birds, two cockatiels (one that insists upon walking on the floor, or did until Mr. Trouble the Hotdog showed up, she’s not gone near the floor since he pounced on her).

So, my teen-aged son has moved up from “the Kenai” for the semester (YAY, if he likes it I’m hoping he finishes out HS here), and he brought his little dachshund with him to stay. I don’t know if it’s because the dog is new, or because he’s nosy, but he is getting the snot beat out of him (the dog, not my son :D).

He’s only been here since Sunday afternoon, is there any way to make things easier on all three of them? How do I get them used to each other, he hasn’t tried to get them, he’s apparently just way too nosy for them.


Sorry, that’s all I’ve got. They’ll all establish the pecking orders and life will go on normally after that. Well, hopefully.